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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Autumn and then...

Walking; the cold wind cuts through the trees;
the chill threatens to stop my adventure
but I am on my way, kicking leaves aside,
my smiles directed at the sky.

It's still Autumn; 
Winter wants to surprise me.

Standing; the cold wind commands the leaves
to fall as if a slow snow, accumulating in drifts.
Each move I make, crunch, crunch, crunch;
I am a child once more.

It's still Autumn;
Winter wants to surprise me.



  1. Hi Dixie,

    And as the last resplendent reminder of Autumn floats to the ground...may the Winter surprise you with warm thoughts on a cold day.

    Have a peaceful weekend.


  2. Love this poem, Dixe. It makes me feel that I'm in the park where I walk, amongst the color-changed falling leaves.

    This piece inspires serenity. Hope you had a great weekend and got stuffed on Thanksgiving. :)

    Take care, my friend! Btw, are you still interested in how to make animal towels. Tee hee.

  3. Gary, that's a lovely sentiment. Thank you :)

  4. Thanks, Kelly, Thanksgiving was great. Oh, definitely need the towel bunny instructions!! :)

  5. Hi Mike: glad you enjoyed this one. :)


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