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Sunday, September 23, 2012

once upon a time... but only once

Once upon a time a wicked  ______   lived in the graveyard.  I had to pass the graveyard every day, twice, to get to school. In fact I had to go that way, all twelve years of my educated days. But whatever it was, I only saw it once... upon a time.

My mode of transportation was always via bicycle.  My first was a shiny black with big silver accessories. Every bike I saw I wanted. It became an obsession. At twelve years of age I had a plan; delivering newspapers to all the neighbors. Every new subscription won me a bonus. Every neighbor I saw I wanted, but I could only sign them up once... upon a time.

The graveyard had a little door. I stood there knocking on it, calculating the costs for daily delivery; dollar signs ($$) in my eyes. A raspy voice answered my knock, "What do you want little boy?" Immediately in my mind, appeared hundreds of bikes I'd coveted over the last few years of my young life. "I'm selling subscriptions for the daily newspaper. I can start delivering tomorrow. Would you be interested?"

'Raspy' answered, "You're talking about paper, but you want bikes?" I began to shake a bit; how did the voice know that? "By the way," Raspy asked, "are you the one who's been hitting my door with a newspaper? You have no idea how much that echoes through the cemetery; enough to wake the dead I tell ya!"

"I apologize. It won't happen again." Won't happen again; what an idiot! Yes, I did say that once... upon a time. Raspy took the paper after she/he made me peek at her/his form for two seconds. (Silent scream)

Until the day I was in a hurry to celebrate Halloween. I rushed my route to get home and change into a scary costume. It was going to be great. And my Dad was bringing home my new bike!! (I felt like howling at the moon.) Simply forgetting that I was on the last leg of my route I began slinging out newspapers and hitting porches, pooches, and doors... doors... uh-oh...once.... upon a time. Pedalling as fast I could from the cemetery... oh no... I was home and safe. I hadn't been turned into a toad or something worse.

OH Halloween, here I come. Home to the new bike! It was fabulous. I rode to the party, doing 'wheelies' and 'burn outs'; basically showing off. At midnight the bike disappeared from under me. One minute I was riding and the next minute, I was laid out on the ground. It was the same thing every year after that. Every Halloween, no matter what bike I rode to a party, collecting treats, or playing tricks, the bike I was on would disappear!!

I'm just an old man now and I met a former mate; we chatted about childhood days. He used to travel the neighborhood every Christmas and sell candy. The most popular choice were the fiery hot balls that you suck on. Your mouth explodes into pain! He told the tale of knocking at the cemetery door. A hideous creature answered, ordered the fire balls and lost it's voice. Since then every Christmas is devoid of candy in his stocking. It just disappears. (That got me to thinking about all the Christmas candy, over the years, which had shown up in my Halloween bag of treats!? However I kept my mouth shut; surely it wasn't that once... upon a time thingy?

I told him about my luck and the many, many bicycles. He cocked his head a bit to the left and asked, "You met Raspy?" So there it was out... I felt relieved knowing someone I knew knew about that creature. "Yes," I replied, "Why do you ask?"

"I've got your bicycles!" Sure enough, on the backside of the hotel he inherited from his Grandfather, were lots of bicycles. I knew them all. But there was one missing, hm? My mate and I decided to take a ride to the cemetery.... just once... for old time sake. And there found the last bike I ever owned... once... upon a time!

I now own a candy store right next to my friend's bike shop. And Raspy... what happened to she/he?  I don't know. Besides that was once upon a time... but only once.

The end. Thanks for reading this true tale, made up entirely by myself.


  1. That was awesomely eerie. Great, detailed, wonderfully scary tale, Dixie. Usually, when I read a work of horror/fiction. Usually I will trail off time to time when reading fictional works but this kept me in suspense.

    Maybe it's just my imagination, but I would guess 'Raspy' to be a witch that placed a curse on your bike or other's bikes or other objects. Hmmm.

    In any case, your details and well told story kept me engaged. Great work, my friend.

    I'll be around for several more days, if you wish to make contact... but after that... it will be awhile before I return to the net. Take care, Dixie. Happy Early Halloween! :)

  2. Ah Dixie,
    How can I possibly add much in my comment in regards to this strangely mysterious and somewhat spooky tale?
    Fascinating, I say to you in a 'Raspy' voice...

  3. Hello(The)Angry Lurker:
    Glad you liked it; thank you!

  4. Hi Kelly.
    I was just reading your blog, part 2 interview... wow and whoa! That was awesome too. We really do live in a carnival. Unfortunately, we don't get to choose the psychos we meet on the path of life, ha ha??

    I read where you taking time off for goofy behavior. Left an address just in case you need me to guest post(smile). I do hope you, the Mrs. and cat fur balls have a good time.

    Compliments on my writing are too encouraging... I may get the urge to write something even stranger.(What's new?) By all means, Happy Early Halloween to you. Now I must go buy some glow sticks for my toilet paper rolls... been collecting for three months!!! (See the post.) :P

    Thank you :)

  5. Hi Gary!
    Your blog post sent me into hyperventilation mode. It seemed so real I thought that maybe you were writing about Tristan!

    I had to read it twice. (Sound of fog horn in the background... then "all ashore that's going ashore") Yes, Fibro fogging it this week.

    Alright, now that you have the 'raspy' voice down pat... you're ready for the trick or treat crowd... unless it's no a holiday over there. hm?

    Thank you for commenting!

  6. Quite the story Dixie...I am a big fan of eerie cemetery stories...and I must confess I am terribly scared to enter them...the cemeteries...You're quite the story teller :).

  7. Hi unikorna!

    You're very kind and generous with your compliments; thank you for that.

    Your blog is diverse and interesting. When you post something new it's like a package has been delivered and I can't wait to open it.

    I only visit a cemetery in daylight. :)

  8. Love this story - and fab pictures with it!

  9. Hi Jaye! Glad you liked it and thank you for visiting!!


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