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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wok this way

Inside my mind was a brilliant blog... waiting to be typed. Waiting to be consigned, and confined to the screen of word pad. A totally hysterical piece of work; I was already snickering with delight. But then I awoke and the said idea had left me.

My dream contained an adventure to go on. Far, far away and across the universe. But where exactly did I go and what did I do? Those were after all the main points of the story. The problem I'm having at the moment is listening to Aerosmith (in my head) singing: "Walk this way." Yet the photo is of an Ewok... what's the deal? Hmmm? E-wokked this way?

There are times when I'd love an adventure. Not the big travelogue stuff, but just a small overnight excursion. I might even possibly meet a tall, dark, and handsome stranger. And he would help me to use comas correctly. Oh no, now the Moody Blues are singing, "I know you're out there somewhere." Mind you all of these songs come up into my brain at the drop of a word. Does anyone else have this problem?

Finally I thought(smile) that maybe I would share a recipe. Wok this way?! I really have no desire to develop what cooking skills I have. Let's face it: whatever it was that I sat down to type has gone and refuses to reappear. I could use this as a description of how Fibromyalgia woks the cognitive skills. It takes all my thoughts and tosses them like a salad. Physically, it's like having the flu 24/7. "We're gonna wok, wok, wok, around the clock tonight."(Stop the music.)

So, there you go. If you're confused after reading this just think about where I'm at. And if you have any idea  'where' that is, leave a comment to let me know. Until then I'll pull on my boots... yes you know... "These boots were made for wokking."

Well it's not funny, yet what I wrote is the truth. Thank you!


  1. Karin (my wife) has a wok on the cooker at the moment - what a coincidence! It's full of a variety of vegetables, spices and stuff - and that's surely good as is the special mix within your post. It's sometimes good to stir things up and see what happens. Woking Back To Happiness ... (remember that one?)

  2. Mike, that is a coincidence, and is she wearing a brown apron? My favorite restaurant is called, "Hot Wok"...Cambodian and Vietnamese delights.

    [[Making up for things we said, "Woopah, oh, yeah, yeah"
    And mistakes to which they led, woopah, oh, yeah, yeah
    I shouldn't have gone away so, I'm coming back today
    Walking back to happiness I threw away
    (Yay, yay, yay, yay ba dum be do)]]

    Sure thing, Mike!! Thanks.

  3. Dear Dixie,
    That's a lovely picture of an ewok, and it's great how you describe the effects of fibromyalgia (did I spell that right?). Incidentally, with some types of schizophrenia people can get what is termed "word salad", where thoughts become so jumbled that what is written or said makes little sense. Fortunately, Dixie, I can still understand you perfectly, but I guess we're all just "woking" towards recovery!
    Very Best Wishes,

  4. Dear David,
    You have just explained my comments on your blog for the last three or so years! "Word salad," excellent!

    However due to brain chemistry damage or loss(?), being schizophrenic would have some advantages I don't have. Wow! The neurotransmitters(chemistry) gets things confused at times.

    David, I think you've opened up a new world for me to understand. This really wokked out fine. Thank you!

    Cheers for recovery... your's and mine! Dixie


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