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Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Charlotte Town"

Charlotte is a beautiful city that I call home. Born and raised here, I am one of the few Charlotteans left. It's as if we are a nursery, letting go when our own individual passion is discovered. You will find us all over the world... and we are happy.

What have we received in return for sending our citizens onward? Our beauty, our weather, and various significant businesses have brought us a diverse blend of cultures. In my own neighborhood there are no less than six different countries represented.  They also hail from different states of America. The melting pot is very much alive here.

Hope is a word close to my heart. I observe the children playing up and down the street and I hope for their bonding to build for the future of our nation. I want them to get along. I want them to be happy despite all adversity. It is a gift to accomplish... and I have hope.

I'll close with a bit of history trivia.

In 1768 "Charlotte Town" is incorporated, which means the new town will have a courthouse and a prison. Even though the residents disagree with laws set forth by Britain, they hope that naming the town for Queen Charlotte will win favor with her husband, England's King George III.  (Wikipedia)

Charlotte Douglas International Airport: Queen Charlotte


  1. Who needs New England when you have foliage like that on your doorstep?
    I think lots of Eastern States and cities have names like Georgia, Carolina and Virginia for the same reason as Charlotte!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  2. Hi Dixie,
    Charlotte is indeed a beautiful city and I'm glad you added a bit of history trivia.
    And amongst the cultural diversity of your fair city, is your good self. Charlotte is all the better to have people like you living there with hope in their hearts.
    Take care and peace,
    Gary :)

  3. Dear Dixie,
    Charlotte looks like a beautful place, and what's more, you live there! It's great that the old "melting pot" and the ideas behind it are still alive and well.
    Very Best Wishes to you Dixie,
    your blogging pal,

  4. Bazza, I quite agree...and the drier the summer months, the prettier the foliage of the Autumn season.

    You surprise me with knowing more regarding the name game and English settlers. Of course we do have names like "Frogpond" and "Biglick", named for famous American preidents. (Don't ask.)

  5. Aw, Gary, such a kind remarks from you. I must say that your insight over the past four years has helped me become a better person. Like you've always said, "Help each other, we help ourselves."
    Have a splendid Autumn!

  6. Hi David. It is a wonderful and beautiful place!
    The photo is "Marshall Park" at the Board of Education Complex. (I meant to label it. Oops.); worked there 12 years.
    My Mom's family is from England and often I find myself wanting to explore there. Just the same I know I'd return because "home is where the heart is."
    Thank you my blogging pal! :)

  7. It sounds like a really nice place to live...but I prefer the countryside with all the nature and the fresh air. Kisses Dixie.

  8. Welcome unikorna! I appreciate your visit and comment.

    I definitely live in the country which is even better and prettier. There are a couple of posts on this blog that show photos of my home.

    This photo is a small portion of a much larger skyline... but not too large. Like "Goldielocks" this town is "just right".

    Kisses to you! :)


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