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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Isn't she lovely? A real wonder, but not Stevie!

Yes, everyone knows how much I've wanted to get back to the garden. The smell of wisteria and redbud carry me away. And this little beauty, in the photo above, needed more sun. Poor little plant with lovely tiny blossoms, begging for the sun. I was all too happy to make a wish come true!

By the way did any of you know that certain varieties of  Poison Ivy have flowers? I didn't know, but I do now. Yes, and an ever so light scent; ask my nose, cheeks and chin. Such lovely silky leaves; ask my hands, wrists, and fingers. 

With all the spots of liquid medication, I look like a polka-dotted human. So, maybe I should wait for winter before I go out again?!  :) Hmm?


  1. It is gorgeous, but "Leaves of three, let them be." One summer we had a hiking group for the summer students. On one hike I was going to sit down but spotted a three-leaved plant and sat elsewhere. One of the students started to tease me, then he realized it was indeed poison ivy. Sometimes it pays to be a wimp. :)

    I do sympathize!

  2. Dear Dixie,
    Glad to hear you're out and about in your garden again. Such lovely pictures too.
    Very Best Wishes,

  3. "One is nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth." Can't remember for the moment who wrote that, but its pretty much true.

  4. Oh, Dixie! Poor you. Talk about mixed emotions. Hmmm love the garden, hate the itch. How do I choose? Hope you feel better soon and yes remember the rule, leaves of three, let them be.


  5. Hi Dixie,
    I'm glad you embrace the finer beauty that is your garden.
    I hope you will be okay. And no, I'm not going to leave some silly comment, like 'Dixie was spotted in her garden by one of her neighbours'.
    All the best to you, my friend.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  6. CheerfulMonk: Thank you for visiting and the hiking story! All sympathy appreciated.

  7. Hi David! Oh yes, was back out there today... chopping down poison sumac this time... by mistake. Think I need a book on poisonous plants?

    Yep, yep, the plants look just like those photos! Thank you!

  8. bazza, bazza, believe me when I say it's poisonous. I look like I could be the poster child for red dot disease. :/
    Still, I'm glad you visited. I'm only contagious in person.(smile)

  9. Hello Mike. Yes I like, and agree with the quote you offered.
    So the poison ivy must be from the adversary? Hmm?

  10. Hi Heather. The joke was on me. I counted five leaves, but it they were on the plant closest to the ivy. And yes, I do have new glasses. Now I need new garden gloves!!!
    I'll come by and visit you soon. Thanks Heather.

  11. Ah Gary, you shouldn't have. No, I really mean it. I was indeed spotted, and will be for about 10 more days.
    Scratch, scratch, scratch!!
    See you soon!


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