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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Getting ready for the show!

It's almost time and I want to introduce our blog Olympic Avatar. She will do summaries and special interests stories, while her partner, Alistair Cookie mans the actual sporting events.

Good heavens... it's me! Twenty days and counting!!!

"Hello!! I'm Alistair Cookie. Normally I narrate great things about the great outdoors. I am so excited to be on board the 'dcrelief' Olympic team. I expect lots of choco-chip cookies as payment. In short I expect to be rolling in the dough(sorry Adele, no pun intended).

More will be revealed! Get ready for the show!


  1. Are you in the right place with that bridge?!

  2. I went past the Tyne bridge in Newcastle on the way to Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago and it looks a lot the bridge in your picture.

  3. Sir Mike, of course not! We await press clearance to enter London. We are simply presenting 'fluff' to attract viewers to the Olympics; but isn't that a nice bridge?? :)))
    ~ Alistair Cookie, great narrator.

  4. Dear bazza, you're quite observant! That is indeed the bridge of Edinburgh-Newcastle. We thought the spirit of the Olympics resounded in this display(smile).
    ~Avatar Dixie, small wonder.

  5. Yes, it's a great bridge - my mother was born in that area before moving south to west London where I was born.

    I'm sure you'll soon get 'press clearance' for London, how could anyone possibly refuse such a team.

  6. Sir Mike, your flattery is wasted on me, however a few choco-chip cookies would sway the deal. Oh who am I kidding? Avatar and I are so small, they'll never see us enter. Prince Harry has even invited us to ride inside of his pocket!! (Well, I can dream.)
    ~ Alistair Cookie, great narrator


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