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Saturday, July 14, 2012

wrong bridge ~ wrong garden

A problem had perplexed me ~
and wouldn't let me go.

The reason it upset me ~
was a reason I didn't know.

It came upon a showy day ~
with a bridge I sought to cross.

But when my feet touched earth again ~
I felt tremendous loss.

I turned and crossed the bridge again ~
not knowing why, yet feeling lead.

Whatever reason perplexed my soul ~
had left my weary head.


  1. Hi Dixie!
    That feeling of "wrong bridge ~ wrong garden" happens to me sometimes... with small things and even with "the big things." Sometimes gardens seem prettier on the other side of the bridge... but as we get closer to the end of the bridge...we see it up close and want to run back to our own space :o)
    Great poem with lots to think about!
    *wishing you a lovely weekend!
    ~ Maria
    ps. It finally rained here after weeks of dryness! All the birds are singing ~ even the bugs look happy :D

  2. There are bridges that aren't easy to cross but, when we do, the picture might become clearer or, there again, may vanish forever.

  3. Maria,
    I am so glad to hear it finally rained. I know what you mean about the bugs smiling :)

    Thank you for visiting. I imagine you have some great free time now that school is out; enjoy the summer!

  4. Hi Mike.
    I seem to be a bit beyond a crossroad now. Sometimes it takes looking into the water below the bridge and seeing how I am. It is enough to make me run some days. Don't think I'll vanish but then again... that bridge might.

    Thank you for your comment.


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