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Friday, December 16, 2011

Pink Forest Sunrise

About three years back I painted this, "Pink Forest Sunrise". It was a real trek through the Pennsylvania woods with three nieces. They insisted I had to see the sun come up over the ridge; I'm glad I did.


  1. I love winter landscape paintings and this one is a real delight! Do you paint with acrylics?
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  2. Hey Dixie,
    I fondly recall the first time you made me aware of this fabulous painting.
    I'm delighted to see it again. You are very talented and this is one of my favourite works of art by your good self. I'm glad you captured the beautiful essence as the sun came over the ridge.
    In peace, your friend, Gary :)

  3. Thanks, bazza! I enjoy acrylics, and have done some water colour as well.
    Glad you like it; thanks so much.
    In peace, Dixie

  4. Hi Gary.
    I thought you might remember this one... last winter scene I've done. So it's time for another, maybe?!

    Thanks for your comment and support!
    In peace,

  5. I love scenic paintings especially with sunrise and the sun setting.

    Blessings and Merry Christmas:)

  6. Wonderful picture Dixie. I always loved it.

  7. Hi Paul.
    Thank you. I'm trying to get back to enjoying the talents The Lord blessed me with. Inside I get quiet as I paint, and there's the still small voice. So peaceful.
    Good Christmas to you, Paul.

  8. Hi L.R.
    Now that I have some batteries for my camera, I'm waiting on snow. No, I just need to stop making excuses and pick up a brush!! LOL.
    Love you :)

  9. Thank you, Bazza. Love and joy come to you and yours. In peace, Dixie

  10. I like your painting. You're quite talented. I like how the sunlight comes through, between the trees. I hope your trek with your nieces wasn't too difficult.

  11. Thanks, Kelly! It was one huge mountain that ran straight up from their backyard. (Football field to the top and then it flattened in one place.) Even got a "Bob Ross happy little tree"!
    AT 9 degrees I didn't let them haul me around much; dang the snow felt like ice. I'd do it again, tho.


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