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Friday, December 30, 2011

Revolving resolutions

Do I have a New Year's resolution? If I don't does it matter? You see, I'm better at making needed changes around sometime in May. I get the spring nostalgia and wish to fling my oats away...casting all of the winter's gook and mook into the ether.

How did we come to the New Year's resolution scenario anyway? Who thought that up? Well I heard it happened years before any of us were born. Years before any of our great grand parents were born. Sort of like the first year someone in your family makes banana pudding for a certain event. Before you know it, banana pudding is always served at the same event, year after year.

I have what I call the 'revolving resolution' theory. Given the right set of resolutions to make my self a better person, I rotate them year after year. Eventually one of them works and I am transformed. So while I'm getting my oats ready for the spring, there is some time left to create a set of resolutions. Indeed I have four waiting in the wing. Ah, which one will be the one to help me become a better one? How about I tell you later... say in May?!!

Happy New Year to those who wish to participate. Meanwhile, send me your tired, your poor, your resolutions.


  1. You say you want a resolution? We'd all love to change the world...
    Sorry, that was my feeble attempt at altering the lyrics to a Beatles song.
    Now then, where was I? Indeed, where am I? :)
    My only New Year's resolution is to not make New Year's resolutions.
    Look forward to your resolutions waiting in the wing. Come what 'May'.
    Dixie, no matter what, here's wishing you a peaceful, positive 2012.
    In kindness and some banana pudding your way, Gary :)

  2. Of course! The Beatles, didn't they have an album named "Revolver"... no?

    Your comment left me laughing. I dislike resolutions but the banana pudding wish is great! Thanks, and Have a great coming year! :)


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