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Saturday, December 31, 2011

G'night Pap

One of my very favorite people passed away on December 28th. At 93, he was ready for the big pond in the sky. He had three wishes before he died. #1 Go to his small Florida home where it's warm this time of year. #2 Be with all of his grown children and most of their children. #3 Go fishing at the lake in front of his home. 

Pap was the grandfather I'd always hoped to have around through adulthood. He was my former husband's grandfather but always treated me so kindly. In fact I was the only one in the entire family to work in his private garden. We were from the old school of thought that you didn't have to cut down the whole plant to harvest it's vegetables.

When I finally got in touch with family I was told he'd passed in the middle of the night in his sleep. And yes, Christmas day all the family was there to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The best part was him going fishing with the guys and bringing back a big haul of fish!

In the spring or early summer the family plans to have a memorial service. "Pap" was cremated and it's then that we'll all gather to say final 'goodbyes'. Until then I'll just say: "G'night Pap."

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