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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Before there was you, there was me ~

I was born and all alone
In the world I traveled
Off to places in my head
Then one day I met you

There was freedom everywhere
There was life without a care
Life without a care

You arrived and I was thrilled
Company to travel onward
Off to places in our heads
Then one day a clash

My emotions choked the air
You had none you wished to share
None you wished to share

That is when I turned away
Walked alone but felt content
I took the lesson that I learned
And chose the path of joy

[{Ciao, baby}]


  1. Hi Dixie!
    I'm catching up with you tonight... I love your starfish ~ goodbye to summer post! and you certainly ARE a FRIENDLY blogger :o)
    I read your poem tonight, "Before there was you, there was me~" twice ... so well done and has me thinking and thinking!

    I think Hazelmarie's quote in your sidebar goes well with it...
    Here, there will be two days of rain and dropping temperatures. I hope to take an autumn stroll by Sunday!

    Wishing you a lovely autumn weekend.

  2. Dixie, I just wanted to stop by to say hello. Though I've given up 'blogging' on my part, I still enjoy visiting those I've come to know here. I'm still here, though more silent!:)

    I love the title to this poem, Dixie. It's a unique expression in itself, and the poem is so wonderfully written. A true pleasure to read!

    Hope you are doing well. I love all your pictures and various postings. Take care! Be happy!

    Sending blessings your way,

  3. Dear Dixie,
    And before me, there was somebody else. Lovely poem, Dixie. I love the way you write! And a beautiful picture too.
    With Very Best Wishes,

  4. Maria!
    Oh I bet you're busy with school. I always miss you, but wait patiently to read something positive on your blog; you give so much love to others. I often feel as if I had my hug for the day!! YOU are a friendly blogger!

    Don't forget a hat and gloves for the stroll. It's a beautiful season this year.


  5. Hi M.
    Visit when you wish, but know that for me, it is like manna from heaven.

    I walk through my weeks of days sending prayers for you, as I am blessed by everything your 'blogs' display. And I am blessed by everything you say.

    You might say that I'm doing a 'purging' of feelings. Indeed if I tried to check all of my baggage into an airport, they'd charge a small fortune! It's simply my of taking care, and being happy. :)

    Blessings and love,

  6. Dear David,

    Yes, before there was you, there was somebody else...
    Did they know you'd be a curious soul, questioning life, the universe and everything else?
    Did they know you'd be an independent thinker who'd share openly?
    Did they know you'd write prose and poetry to express the joys or disappointments in your life?

    Wow, you love the way I write?? Quite the compliment, thank you, David.

    In peace,

  7. Hi Dixie,
    Sorry it has taken me so long to stop by!!! Judging from the last post I made on my blog it looks like I either retired or died! Can't believe I haven't posted or gone visiting since June! BUT, at any rate, I've finally made it to visit and I am soooooo glad that I did. Every single one I read touched me. I laughed outloud about the test drive, forgive me, but it brought back some ummm -- memories lol. I love fluff! I love the starfish, and Before there was you is thought provoking to say the least! Keep up the awesome work, and God bless you. Thanks for the visits :) Tawana

  8. Hi Dixie. The nicest thing about this poem is it's underlying optimism. Although it tells of trauma it ends on a high note.
    Very nice.
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  9. Welcome Tawana!
    The wonderful thing about your blog is, that I can visit and read the posts over and over, and still learn something special! I thank God for your existence and the very kind comments you've left me. Travel in peace,

  10. Ah, Bazza, our perceptive one!
    For me it's like clearing the clutter from the closet of my mind. It's out on a positive note, and I have freed up some space!

    I spent a lot of years saving my brain cells for old age... well... time flies!!!

    So very glad you visited and left your thought! ~Dixie


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