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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

She ain't right, but she's friendly.

A couple of my blog buddies have decided I'm a friendly blogger. The award comes with a sweet little picture. That's definitely me; I love sweet little pictures! More than that – I love my blogging friends – they make me look at my path, via humour or serious input. Without them I might not be the seriously insane, yet friendly blogger you've been exposed to.

David of “A Day in the Life,” blog was very kind in his assessment of my attitude. “Friendly is as friendly does.” Certainly he and I have connected on various subjects that need more attention in the world, beginning at our on doorstep. I admire his writing and the life experiences he brings to the table for our understanding. Thank you, David.

Gary of “klahanie,” blog is the second blogging pal to give me the “Friendly Blogger Award.” His variety in writing styles keeps me gussing: what will he do next? Then ofcourse his smallish dog, Penny, is quite pawsitively he's greatest asset. Stories told from her perspective loom large among the various bloggers. ~And did I mention humour? This one writer brings out the funny bone and beats me with it. Thank you, Gary.

I've never met an ugly blogger. They all seem friendly to me. Even the person that keeps sending advertisements for 'Viagra,' seems friendly enough. Please note, I have nothing for 'viagra' to work on... you're wasting the ad!

I've forgotten how to do links. If you like my blog and you read it, whenever I get around to posting an article, please consider yourself AWARDED. The nicest thing, the friendliest thing is having someone give some attention to your life... especially days when I've forgotten me.



  1. Hi Dixie,
    Check this out. Almost three in the morning, over here, in lil' ol' England and I'm leaving you with one of my 'award winning' comments :)
    Well, I've always considered you 'right' friendly and our friendship via the positive aspects of the blogging community are highly valued by me. In fact, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star is big admirer of yours.
    I note that David, a dude who has the pleasure of knowing me in 3D reality, has also bestowed this fine award upon your kind and friendly self. The man is an genius.
    Ah, so you get ads for Viagra. I get ads for handbags, but I just haven't seen one I like :)
    Congrats Dixie.
    May you know that we are all in this together, here for each other. Positive and peaceful wishes, your way, Gary :)

  2. Well, thank you, Gary. Maybe you can pass those bag ads my way too.
    Your comment is much appreciated. Tell Miss Penny: 'oof, woof, woof'.
    Get some sleep dude!! :)

  3. Dear Dixie,
    Thanks so much for the mention. You thoroughly deserve the title of "friendly blogger".
    Best Wishes,

  4. Hi David.
    You're always kind, and I appreciate your sending 'best wishes.' Thank you for adding to the list! I feel friendlier already(smile).
    Enjoy your day,


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