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Saturday, April 30, 2011

~ this too, shall pass ~

The devastation is alarming. Over 200 tornadoes in a 24 hour period. Six states are now under a 'declaration of emergency'.

The photo, above, is from a beach that is three hours from my home. That tornado tail is really kicking. I understand it acts like a whip... one lash and your building is gone. Have you ever played "Tiddly-winks"?

Watching a news update, I could not figure out what I was looking at. The camera was in a helicopter flying over a city (??). Yes, a city; I was looking at concrete foundations that resembled kitchen tiles.

Like any event that brings devastation and loss of life, we hope for comfort and a return to daily tasks. We try to try. If you cannot 'try' what is yours to handle, reach out your hand to another and help them try.

Sometimes the only thing left standing is the soul of humanity. "Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it, come the issues of life." (a proverb)


  1. Hi Dixie!
    Thank you for the wonderful and very thoughtful comments you always write. Here you write of our shared humanity ~ when we see such devastation, our hearts cry out for our brothers and sisters.

    I have always had a "more than healthy" respect for the weather. I'll never forget the day we had tornado warnings that the weather service followed over our homes as the funnel clouds traveled across our area. We could hear the weather service reporting this in real time over the weather radio we had. We were all in the basement. {my husband and son, who are atmospheric scientists were on the front porch until we all screamed!} The skies took on the eeriest colors. It did touch down at our fairgrounds but only for a moment. There was destruction in some communities though, and people still talk of it.

    We share in the grief and pray for the people in affected areas... God will give them strength and in time, they will have hope once again. ♡
    In grace and hope,

  2. Dear Dixie,
    Just hoping that not too much devastation is caused by these terrible occurences.
    My thoughts go out to those hit by the storms.
    And thank you for keeping us updated, Dixie. Here in England only a small portion of news coverage has been given to these events, owing to the fact that we are still very much in the grip of Royal Wedding fever!
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  3. Hi Maria,

    You're so right about our shared humanity. With the communications connections that we have, in this day, we are able to know and thus share more.

    That's so interesting about your family members being atmospheric scientists... I love watching the 'storm chaser' programs!

    Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated,

  4. Hi David.

    I understand about small sound bites of news. I've been trying to keep up with Ireland; sounds awful for the people there.

    Royal wedding fever... yes, it still makes me smile, and will for a long time. I do wish them well.

    David, I appreciate the good thoughts you share. At times our world seems very small.

    Have a very good week!


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