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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fairy Tale Girls

~And today is the wedding...

Four o' clock A.M. will find me in front of my television.
Hot tea, crumpets, and other similar snacks are waiting.

My sister-in-law will call around the same time.
We'll gab about the guests, the groom, the MUM, and on... & on.

Because we're 'Fairy Tale Girls'.

Every good fairy tale girl knows 'they lived happily ever after.'

Sigh ~ past the tissue please... here comes the bride!

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  1. I didn't watch the wedding, but I'm sure it was spectacularly beautiful - a memory to remember and cherish.

    I think, deep within our hearts, we are all 'fairy tale girls'. We simply cannot resist the thought of 'happily ever after' - hoping, wishing, to own just a portion of that happiness.

    I do love that phrase, 'fairy tale girls' - it suits the romantic heart.:)

    Blessings, my friend,

  2. Dear Dixie,
    One presumes you mean the Royal wedding of our very own William and Kate.
    I watched it this morning in England, where things have gone a little wedding crazy.
    Anyway, Royalist or not, I have to say that Kate looked extremely beautiful and the whole thing has given a lift to our little nation.
    Hope you enjoyed it too.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  3. Hi M.
    I was so surprised at the particulars of these two young people in their choice of ceremony, decoration, and music. It was so very lovely.

    I hope you get a chance to see it one day. It has the fairy tale girls' rating of 10 ~ * ~

    The "Duke and Duchesss of Cambridge" are two such 'romantic hearts'.

    You're always in my thoughts and prayers - Dixie

  4. Dear David,

    It's so hard to find the words to describe the incredible level of unselfishness found within this ceremony.

    There I was on my couch (settee), sipping Hazelnut tea... watching the unfolding event, like watching a field of morning glories open to the sun.

    Both were very attractive and their joy bubbled to the surface. I am happy for them and for your nation!

    Have a great weekend; I hope you meet William and Kate one day.

    Wishing you joy,


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