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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

~and now it's spring

Cool mornings, and a freshness fills my lungs...
with the urgent need of spring.

A pale light casting across the garden...
I wait for warmth, the sun will bring.

The morning doves gather for their calling...
and cooing, for the urgent need of spring.

A path of dampness invites a journey...
with bare feet, the grass begins to cling.

Sheltered in this early morning beauty...
a grateful voice within me, begins to sing...

~and now it's spring...


  1. Greetings Dixie,
    And welcome to spring :) Luckily, we have been embracing the wonders of renewal, over here, in lil' ol' England, for several weeks now.
    Enjoy and may spring make you smile.
    Nice photo of the wind chimes and it looks very much like mine.
    Delighted with your ongoing positivity and please know that you have my ongoing support and encouragement, very much in the background.
    With respect and kind wishes, your way, Gary :)

  2. This is a lovely poem, Dixie. Isn't early morning the most beautiful time of day? It is my favorite time - I listen to the birds singing for quite a while before getting out of bed.

    Your words are a harbinger of a glorious spring! I could hear the doves cooing, and felt the damp grass beneath my bare feet. You've a magnificent poetic voice, Dixie.:)

    I loved this,

  3. Hi Gary.
    This year it's a mixed bag of rain, cold, summer heat, and spring, all within one week. Weekends met with high winds and tornadoes; nothing normal.

    The photo of the wind chime tree was taken last summer. I have a new photo showing that all of the limbs had to be removed. 50mph winds took out my tree. I'll try to have the photo on here this week.

    Still I like being happy, and a positive attitude seems to be the best way to go! Thanks for sharing your own experiences and empathy.

    A peaceful spring,

  4. Hi M.

    I have my own little sanctuary out in the yard. A mocking bird sat in a tree across the way; I started counting the different bird voices he could do. Which tree was he in? I accidentally stepped out of my shoes onto the wet grass...

    Life seems sweeter in early morning. Especially when we can sing with the birds. :)

    Thank you, and have a lovely week,


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