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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Okay, I can do this.

"Today, I will appreciate my progress. I will let myself feel good about what has been accomplished." ~Gratitude Cards

Sunday check in 4 p.m.
Wednesday check out 11 a.m.

Yes, I can do this!


  1. Dear Dixie,
    Finally, it is time for you. Enjoy yourself and smile. Life is getting better and better.
    Warm wishes, Gary:-0

  2. Hi Dixie,

    You know you can so just enjoy! Feel the sunshine.


  3. To Paige, Gary, and Roger,

    I really appreciate your comments and support. It is unfortunate that I could not complete my trip, arriving at my scheduled destination. Yet I did do well and am happy with most of how things worked out.
    In kindness.

  4. Hi Dixie,
    As you know from the conversation we had; the really positive aspect to all of this is that you did attempt to go on your trip. That speaks volumes for your personal, positive progress. Well done and remember, there is always next time:-)
    Warm regards Gary x

  5. Thanks Gary.
    I did do well and am happy with most of how things worked out.
    In kindness.

  6. The smile of this beautiful child is contagious...I find myself smiling in return...

    Your words are a wonderful reminder for all of us to appreciate and enjoy the things that life gives us...the attainment of even the smallest goals.(smile)

    Thank you for sharing,

  7. Hi Mattie,

    I loved the photo; it really felt great to step out the door and head to the shore... that photo was my way of saying: "I laugh in the face of danger." For me it had more to do with driving such a distance.

    I will get there! In fact my doctor thinks I should move there. What a concept?!

    You're most welcome,


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