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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Erika's favorite: Pulaski, New York

I am such a lover of the ocean, never finding a river I could feel the same way about. Erika, one of my many nieces, has challenged that with her request of a painting from her photo. Pulaski, New York, where she travels to in ‘fishing season’, is one of her favorite spots of all time.

“Oh, Aunt Dixie, it is a great relaxing place. I caught the largest fish ever last week. I’m sending a photo; please make me a small painting so I can carry it wherever I go. Love E.”

The 6inch by 8 inch painting is on the way and I hope it captures something of the beauty she loves so!


  1. Hey Dixie,
    I'm sure Erika will love the painting. No doubt she will be waiting anxiously for your lovely packaged painting to arrive:-)
    You are such a thoughtful lady.
    Peaceful wishes, Gary

  2. Hi Gary,
    Thank you for your thoughtfulness as well.
    Erika is returning form visiting the Grand Canyon; she has more photos coming! Can you see a pattern here?
    In peace and love,

  3. that's a great image, you have a special kind of talent, continue to use it :) im glad to hear your neice appreciates your work =]


  4. Dixie, I always enjoy it when you post your paintings. Your talent is so readily seen! You should post more of your lovely work for everyone to enjoy...

    I know your niece will cherish this one! Absolutely amazing work!(smile)


  5. Hi Me, Myself, and I...

    I could probably paint every day and still not get all, that's on the list, done.
    My niece honors me with her request, as I found her photo outstanding on its own right.
    So glad to hear from you and thank you so very much. =P

  6. Hi Mattie,

    There are many already on this blog. One of my favorites is "The Pink Forest", inspired by the same niece... who took me to the actual site about 5 a.m. in the morning!! I was sketching away until my pen froze up, brrr.

    I'll retrieve my cd and see what can be repeated with a (new) blog!?

    Just for you,


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