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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some Days

The Commodore Six was speeding along
I stood by the road, with my road-singing song
‘One for a Chevy, two for a Ford
Three for the Hudson’ that snagged me onboard

I went through the grill except for my hand
My legs and my torso now wrapped the oil pan
My right hand was busy as I pulled some wires
I listened for music but only heard tires

The engine was strong and roared through its courses
Quite pleased with the power of six hundred horses
The trip uneventful, I bored of black top
And promised to leave at the very next stop


  1. Never take your hands off the wheel!

  2. So, how did my hand get caught in the grill, if I was the one taking the photo? hmm?

  3. I was so grateful my hitch-hiking thumb wasn't injured! XX

  4. Well I sure have to 'hand' it to you with this one, Dixie.
    Anyway, nice car. When I was in Vancouver, I saw somebody driving a 'Thumber'..I mean 'Hummer' :-)

  5. Ah, what a great sense of humor you have, Dixie. That was a rough road trip, wasn't it?(smile)

    Great writing, great picture!

    'Til next time,

  6. Great comment Mattie!
    The photo crop was tougher than the ride.
    Thank you, Dixie


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