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Monday, March 30, 2009

Could I...?

Could I be a shining light, illuminate the darkest night?

Could I help a soul find rest by giving one my very best?

Could I tell of hopeful things, wait for peace, and what it brings?

I don’t know but I can try

Write my thoughts and let them fly

Help to clarify one’s view

For better life, a better you

Could I write the things that help, that don’t create a nasty whelp?

Could I let my feelings out, to let you learn without a doubt?

That life goes on and we go too, with hearts together staying true?

I would.


  1. Hi Dixie,

    The thoughts and feelings you share are a shining light. It is not always easy to open ourselves to strangers in a forum like this. We all have so much we can learn from each other. Were it not for technology, it is unlikely many of us would have crossed paths.

    You have a wonderful talent both with words and brush. Don't stop!


  2. Dear Roger (TBC),

    I often visit your "cyber-home," taking in the gifts that you share, as well.
    Openness can be difficult; I sometimes retreat in order to advance.
    Be well friend.
    In peace, Dixie

  3. Dear Dixie,
    The radiance that you have within will cast a glowing beacon upon the darkest of night skies.
    With hope brings the passion of knowing that we are the masters of our destiny. You pursue a better life and your better life will, in turn, make us better people.
    Your poetry and your artistry is inspirational. Like our friend Roger has stated: "Don't stop!"
    Peace, Gary

  4. I think you could do all of these things and more...I do!(smile)

    Your writing is inspiring, and it clearly shows the warmth you hold within your heart. I loved it...

    Once again, I have to tell you how much I liked your picture. It is stunningly beautiful. You have much to offer your readers.(smile)

    Thank you for sharing with me. I enjoyed it greatly.

    'Til next time,

  5. Dear Gary,

    I must admit that I glean inspiration from all of my friends' writings; I so enjoyed your blog, "Never Lose."
    Your comment is an inspiration in itself. Thank you for your kindness.
    Blessings, Dixie

  6. You could, you can, you already have,

    for somehow somewhere i bet you have inspired someone and brought light to their darkest day

    keep up the great work, dont deny the public of your talent, your thoughts, your ideas

    take care

    (by the way thanks for the comment on my post =])

  7. Dear Mattie,
    I find that I when I sit humble and hungry for wisdom...I write about the human drama/saga/dream that carries me forward. It's not alwats pretty. (she grins)

    My greater joy is meeting people who understand and share their own perspective (drama, saga or dream) that teachs me. Their's may not be pretty either.

    Empathy comes in all sizes, yet when it is given, it may be better than the invention of toast!

    Toasty wishes,

  8. Dear MM&I,

    Maybe you don't realise how much your blog makes me smile? or how much inspiration you share.

    I sat on that shore by the river, in your blog, for quite a while. It was perfectly okay that you could not make it; unfortunately (wink, wink) it gave me time to chill.

    The very next day, after I left, you started speaking Spanish. (I tried, really I did.) uu-no? you know?

    I only know that we have all had inspiration from each other. Call it a "glean thing."

    Thank U too. :D and :P

  9. A jewel shining through.
    I simply thank you friend. x

  10. Im glad you feel that way :)

    For i feel the same :)


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