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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Relief for dc

A friend called Saturday after he’d read my article “Wanting the blue: Blue Mood”. I got tickled when he said, “The photo is great. The blue sky is beautiful. But you’ve got to stop looking up or you’ll trip over your feet. You need to climb on out and start looking at the horizon.” The encouragement I received prompted me to take a second look.

That ladder in the photograph with the article did seem daunting with such a steep climb presented, yet at times I feel as if I’ve stepped into a hole (ironically with a ladder), and it will be a while before I rise above it. But here was one saying, “climb on out,” set your focus on the horizon. There are your goals.

So I climbed up each rung as carefully and quickly as I could. There was no sense letting my fear of heights stop me, much less slow me down. To delay might mean that I’d be stuck there. What I needed was relief from my self; relief from wrongfully judging myself for being human.

“You’ve inspired me and I have written something with you in mind,” he said. So after we hung up I looked for the various items and articles that this fascinating person always manages to produce. I was not disappointed but elated that the goals of his journey continue so admirably.

That is what I want to get back to with my own writing. Meeting the goals I’ve set and still giving to others along the way. With that in mind, another thought came to me: Find a moment of peace; hold it in your heart; be thankful when possible.

Yes, I would try to keep that in mind. In the midst of hardship find a moment, a single moment of peace; then hold it and treasure it. As soon as I can, I make the time to express thankfulness. It does indeed create a positive environment between my ears, spreading deep into my soul; out into the blue and the universe of all thought.


  1. Hi Dixie,

    Sometimes we don't realize that a ladder is usually there for to climb out of whatever hole we are in. We just have to create it in our minds.

    Most of us struggle to find those fleeting moments of peace and it is by holding them close that we find relief.

    We should remember that even when we cannot see past the horizon, the world does not end. There are just things we cannot see.


  2. The Buddhist Conservative~Roger:
    I would also thank you for often inspiring me to continue when I want to give up. ["We just have to create it (the ladder) in our minds."]
    I wish you peace,

  3. Hi Dixie,
    You know how pleased I am for you that your friend called you on Saturday. You should be pleased that your inspiration has give him inspiration.
    Savour those moments, savour your moments of inner peace. With positive anticipation, those moments will gather momentum.
    Each rung of the ladder brings you closer to that wondrous panorama at the top. Breathe in the sights and smile.

  4. Klahanie:
    Thank you for your gracious comments and kind support.
    In empathy, Dixie


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