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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A place of colour

I’m in the process of making a big decision. I have the chance to leave my place of grey and travel to a place of colour. It involves people I’m not used to being around on a daily basis. They have expressed a strong desire that I come there. They support my need and want me to be a healthier, happier person. Maybe that’s all I need: people who care.

It would really benefit me in the long run with other plans that I’ve formulated. Once I confront and clear up this moment, the present, I can move on to the next moment. Stop looking back. Stop looking too far into the future; simply live.

I’m letting you know because you are my “first friends”; the first to give me courage. All of you have been here for me as I have tried to be here for all of you. That will not stop. I’ll simply be sharing a new place with you. (Sounds like that decision is getting firmer.)


  1. Hey

    A New Start? With People Who Care About You? sounds great! moving to this new place of color must be a decision of your own personal choice, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, either way, you will have people there for you and who care

    A new start though, its a chance for you to start afresh and be whoever you want to be, no one knows you so no expectations will have been created for you..

    A whole new life... sometimes i wish i could just get up and start afresh, new people, new surroundings...

    Take Care and good luck with your decision

  2. The preceding blog was brought to you in 'living colour'.
    Here is the chance for you to live life in a healthier, more positive environment.
    It is time for you to embrace a fresh start and see your future in living colour.
    I cheer you on. Positive wishes for you in a new adventure. Gary.

  3. MMI: Thank you for your kindness.
    As you say, it must be my own personal choice.
    I appreciate your care.

  4. Gary: Thank you for always finding the humour. Keeps me from taking myself seriously.
    I'd like a new adventure. I'd like that "not a care in the world" attitude.
    I return some positive cheers to you.


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