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Saturday, March 7, 2009

One dream

I only have one dream
To get what I want
And no-one will stop me
Unless they’re cruel

Five months ‘effing’ off
Thinking this
Thinking that
Thinking wrong

I only have one dream
For me and my life
And no-one will stop me
Unless they’re crazy

Five months of words
Changing this
Changing that
Forgive and go

I only have one dream
I only HAVE one dream
I only have ONE dream


  1. believe me.there are crazy ppl out there.
    But they can't do anything to ur dream.

  2. Despo:
    I'm glad you said what you said. {I've been dealing with ppl supposedly in positions to help me, but they had to back out.) Must focus my anger on something creative/positive.
    Be well friend.

  3. There is such positiveness in your words.

    "And no-one will stop me
    Unless they’re crazy"

    This is the attitude that will move you forward. We sometimes forget that we have to forgive to move forward.

    I'm glad I had a moment to catch up on what you have written.


  4. Hi Roger,
    Hope your sabbatical was nice; glad to see you are back safe.
    I have been working on the current project since June 2008. I'm almost there.
    Thank for reminding me of forgiveness and it's correlation with moving forward. I needed to hear that.
    Positive thoughts to you,

  5. Dear dc,
    I certainly hope you get to realise your "one dream", whatever it may be.
    That's about all there seems to say really. So until next time,
    Warm Regards and Best Wishes,

  6. Hi David:
    My dream is to live at the beach. Being disabled and alone poses issues to prepare for in advance.
    During the last half year it's been one setback after another.
    Despo and Roger have given me renewed peace within. Although I felt anger when typing out this article, they "saw" possibilty and 'right' attitude to facilitate moving forward.
    Then amazingly you have expressed hope for what is "the unknown" to you.
    I am touched by comforting friends.
    Most sincerely,

  7. It's so amazing to see how words from total strangers have the power to heal and give courage.

    There is no reason which I can think of as to why it is so.I just know that it's a wonderful feeling.

    On second thought we all are not strangers after all.We just haven't 'met' each other the way world means it.

    But then again who cares?Some of the best people I know are the ones who visit my blog and ones whose blogs I visit.

  8. Dear Dixie,
    More than a poem but a purpose. You must pursue your dream, focus on the happiness in your life that is your right.
    Nobody shall every get in the way of your dream. You are moving on and living your life. Stay strong Dixie.
    Warm thoughts, Gary x

  9. Desperado:
    Oh to have your gentle way with communicating thoughts. Oh to have your healthy mind to translate what is real. Oh to have your heart and willingness to give back more than received.
    Thank you so very much.

  10. I hope I deserve the praise.
    thx though.

  11. Dear Gary:
    Your understanding and support are important. You know the shoes I try to walk in. You know I long to kick them off and trapse barefoot through the sand..of a new home. Thank you for the encouragement.
    My gratitude,
    Dixie x.

  12. Desperado:
    See my "Depressing thought" on "The Power of friends (part 2)" on your site. hint: #647.

  13. :D Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I hope you find my blog as interesting as i find yours :)

    Oh and by the way, i found your post very inspiring, for we all have one dream, but sometimes now and then we meet people who would rather achieve their own dream and not help anyone else and that is simply "crazy"

    keep up the blogging for i would be lost without your thoughts :)

    take care

  14. Hey MM&I:
    YOU would be lost without my thoughts? I've had the plastic people on my brain for two days! Great blogging~you. Your own rants are extremely inspiring~refreshing.
    Take care of the river. Dixie


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