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Friday, March 6, 2009

Living Fragile

Sometimes when life seems so fragile
A beginning feeling of peace arrives
From a source within and without
We bow our head
Acknowledge kindness
Receive the gift that helps us heal

We wrap the peace around our bodies
Longing for immediate relief
And find instead temporary solace
We bend our knees
Capture completeness
And let it work through all our days

Discover being fragile is not a curse
For peace will come and peace will go
From everything we are to what we will become
We praise the Creator
As everlasting love
Relieves our fear of living fragile


  1. Beautiful. One good thing about my illness is that it has made my appreciate being human over being perfect. Thank you for sharing this piece, love Julie xx

  2. A jewel shining through:
    An excellent point; one I often do not allow myself. You're welcome.
    Visit again. Love, Dix. x

  3. Hi Dixie,
    Our lives can indeed be fragile. Sometimes our environment can shatter us. Yet we can be repaired, and when the fragments are fixed, we can renew our hope.
    We can be fragile, 'handle with care'.

  4. Klahanie:
    I appreciate your input. Time will tell what I face.
    Thank you very much, Dixie


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