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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A piece of life

My sadness comes in waves today.
I try to let it flow in, then out of my mind.

I won’t take the time to rhyme.
Because today is just s day to use for feeling.

Why throw the day away?
Why not feel all the pain and be done?

I cannot change the way I am; plagued by problems that tear me apart.
There is no one to stop by and sing to my heart.

Most of my friends live in the screen world.
How did that come to be for me?

Sometimes I don’t think I want them to know me at all.
But suddenly I write something so transparent and they help me find a piece of life.

It’s time to go outside to sit in the sun.
Watch the animals play and forget the waves.

Find waves of happiness to flow in, and then out.
Wait for sundown and give the waves of sadness the night off.


  1. ...and as those waves of sadness lap against you mind. Reach out and know that these waves need not become an ocean storm of inner anxiety.
    Stay transparent, be brave, be true to yourself. Immerse yourself in the reassuring waves of happiness. Dream a dream, indeed, let those waves of sadness drift away.
    Do not drown in sadness, we send you a lifejacket, not an anchor...

  2. Hi Dixie,

    Sadness like the waves come and go. You are wise to let them roll in and then let it go. Life sends us challenges and I know you have more than your share.

    Bless you and may tomorrow be filled with peace.


  3. We all do have these overwhelming moments of great sadness in our lives. Each must overcome them in our own way and continue on our life's journey. May your time spent in the sun warm your soul and return the blessings of peace of mind and serenity to your life. Brenda

  4. I am in your exact place right now. If it is any comfort, you have someone sitting with you.


  5. don't be sad.
    refuse to be sad.
    It's just a habit you have to cultivate.
    (well they say advice is free.!atleast to the person who's giving it.)

    I also of many other things a hypocrite!

  6. Hi Gary:
    I thank you for helping me to sort through some things. Indeed my dream sends the waves away. The lifejacket is appreciated.
    Warm regards, Dixie

  7. Hi Roger:
    Thank you; today was indeed filled with peace. I don't know that I have more than my share; Maybe I just whine more than others!
    People like you that encourage me to seek wisdom, so thanks for that.
    Be well friend,

  8. Hello Brenda:
    You are so right; we each have our own. Yes the sunshine and animals in my yard keep me spellbound. It's almost time to clean out my "Gothic Garden" with the lavender Rose of Sharon and Rufus the gargolye!
    True serenity and peace to you. Dixie

  9. Dear Paige:
    I was so sure of good news by now. Forgive me for sitting over here moaning. I know you have sadness too. Hang in there. Please stay strong.
    I am most grateful you visited.
    my love, Dixie

  10. Desperado:
    Wow! "It's just a habit you have to cultivate."
    You're right. I work hard to not plant seeds of hate or predjudice.. so I need to work on not planting seeds of sadness.
    Plant peace seeds! Happiness seeds.
    D. you are not hypocritical, you are reflecting what we all need: a look at ourselves.
    In peace friend, Dixie


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