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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Staying on track or a new direction?

I left what I call a “political blogging” group in September 2008. It was taxing and my strength seemed destroyed because the I could not manage my life. It proved to be too much responsibility for me, even though I was the “least” of the writers. My role was to open the hearts and minds of those who would choose peace as a rule.

Ironically it took leaving the political group to discover another group concerned with “mental health issues.” I went for help to restore my mind, body, and essence. Things fell into place after that, as I read and listened to their “living problems.” Living as surely as all the positive choices they made. Living but finding new direction. Living and staying on track. So new to the subject of “what is” my mental health; feeling fear of the “what if I can’t learn, retain, survive the truth?” It has been a while since I began traveling with friends and supporters of an ‘empathetic community’ of bloggers.

A re-evaluation might be helpful to determine the next move for my life. There’s a list I’ve put together of questions, ideas, subjects, problems, and all sorts of things that I want to know. I just look at that mess of tracks in the photo and wonder if I can somehow travel several at a time? I remain positive that I have many answers within myself. I may need to blog them out.


  1. Dear dc,
    I'm glad you have enjoyed being part of our small on-line "empathetic community". No doubt you will sort out all those different tracks and find the right one for you. Anyway, it would seem to me that issues of mental health and politics often merge, so perhaps you don't have to choose just one, but can talk about many.
    Wishing you positive thoughts,
    P.S. There really was no need to apologise for your comments on my blog, I found nothing offensive in them!

  2. Dear Dixie,
    I am so glad to have the honour of you being a part of what we could describe as an 'empathetic community' of bloggers.
    The interaction, the support, the advice we receive from each other is all part of realising a more positive life.
    Continue to seek the answers within yourself. You will find great inspiration.
    Thanks for your ongoing support and comments on my blog. It means a great deal. Keep on blogging.
    With sincere wishes, Gary:-)

  3. Sorry Dixie, I'm been away for a while, always there, but not always here - preoccupied with getting through my weight loss and the stuff behind it that I keep facing everyday, but know that you always have my thoughts and my best wishes, whichever direction you take. Remember we agreed to be co-guides, so borrow my map sometimes if you need. Lean here on me, if you want. I keep stepping, little by little and each step makes a journey. Take care, love and best wishes, Julie xx

  4. Dear David,
    Working under a Fibro handicap offers everyone the chance to "see" the breaks in linear perpsective or thinking I live with.
    "Offensive" is at least something I can apologise for, however "bizzare" leaves me wondering "what was I really thinking?" A disjointed response, appears.
    Your blog inspires because you reseach for health wellbeing, presenting dreams and genuine ideals for us to ponder.
    Indeed I hope this answerhad ot ofended you, nor "lessened" the importance of "why" I enjoy your blog so much.
    Postitive thoughts to you!

  5. Dear Gary,
    If an "empathetic community" decided to publish a combined book of mental health wellbeing... I'd want to re-read the "human interest choices" you'd graciously share.
    Getting to know another's "inside tracks and travels," as you share, inspires me to learn my own self determination through the experience, strength and hope from you, "Living your life."
    I'll keep on "blogging with sincere wishes, if you will." lol.
    Comments are welcome though often diappear when I feel "small". Dixie [:'

  6. Dear Julie,
    While you've been away, I've imagined you surrounded in a bubble of warm air, out on the rugby field. Cheering for the home team, always quiet in the background, but bold when you master your subject.
    I am always "attracted" to your confidence and ongoing ability to put others at ease in finding their way. So thanks for being here today. It's the clearest I've thought in several days; just in time to read your very kind comment.
    Take care, love and best wishes to you, Dixie

  7. Dear Dixie,
    Now I think I understand your apology more fully- but still there is no need to apologise for the condition with which you so valliantly contend. But now I know about "fibro" it makes sense of your admittedly sometimes a little bewildering remarks. At first I thought it was a case of the old adage about the UK and the States-"two countries divided by a common language". Now I know better I shall always take your health into consideration.
    Very pleased that you enjoy my blog- oftentimes I feel I'm writing the odd "bizzare" thing too!
    I shall end here before I dig myself another one of those holes to get out of.
    Continuing to wish for your Wellness,

  8. Dear David,
    Thank you for reaching through my crazy mind maze to understand confusion. I hope this is over soon.
    I'll make a note to blog about it soon. Thank you and all of the visitors and friends who read dcrelief.
    Patience is a virtue; thanks for yours. Warm thoughts, Dixie


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