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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Marmot Man

I’m a marmot man
From a marmot land
And I’m headed down this path to find some food

I got a little gray coat
And a couple of smokes
To light up when I wanna’ see Japan

There’s a berry here
Other berries near
But I’ll pick the one that’s closest to my mood

Grab your own gray coat
Catch a riverboat
We’ll be sailing up the river as we planned


  1. 'Marmot'? 'Either you love it or you hate it.' Sorry, I thought I read the word 'Marmite', a very British sandwich spread.
    Okay how cute are you marmot man? Berry cute indeed! :-)

  2. I'm guessing if "marmite" is a very British sandwich spread, then "marmot" might be the spicy alternative spread. lol. dcrelief


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