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Friday, December 19, 2008

Lucky Lochy

The Lochness monster came this way
One bright and sunny morn in May
I stopped to stare, up stood me hair
The Lochy swam in daylight fair

The Lochness monster talked to me
He told me of the sights at sea
Upon his back I traveled with
The Lochy was a Lucky myth


  1. Ah 'Nessie'. Well, it appears that Nessie has been getting around a bit. Must have taken that under the lake tunnel to get to the sea.
    Now speaking of 'monsters', there is a monster that resides in Okanagan Lake in British Columbia. 'Ogopogo' is my friend.

  2. A lake? Nessie's in a lake? So Nessie is a Lakey Lochy? Limey!
    Thank you, I'm all better now.
    Yipes! "Ogopogo" was a Staten Island disco in the 70's.

  3. Hmmm..a Staten Island disco used the name of the mighty Canadian monster that is the one and only 'Ogopogo'.
    I have a picture of my son sitting on a replica of Ogopogo, in a park, in Kelowna, British Columbia. Ogopogo is my hero!

  4. ["The most recent search for Ogopogo was on Okanagan Lake the week of November 3rd, 2008. A documentary was filmed for the History Channel, by Whitewolf Entertainment out of Montreal, which is due to be broadcast in February 2009."]
    I meant no offense. Turns out the Staten Island club was called... "O-go-disco" Yuck!
    Your hero is our hero. ogohero!


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