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Friday, October 10, 2008

We're all alike?

Maybe, and I’ve heard it debated plenty of times. But one area in particular messes with me repeatedly. How do some of us experience traumatic issues and find a way to survive? I’ve met people whose lives have one continuous boo-boo and I am amazed that they still choose to get up in the morning.

My own super-craziness began in 1997 when my Mom passed and I had to suddenly cut a symbiotic cord I did not realize existed. Granted I had already been physically ill for a year prior but this was the straw… the last nerve broke.

There are avenues to try and are available, but we may not be well enough to know that they exist. We need friends with experience and doctors that will listen, not just medicate! In my case medication pushed the healing out by about ten years. That’s a long time to go with any relief over a subject of pain.

Yes and I am ‘dcrelief’ so what does that tell you? Hopefully you’ll understand that I must try to be a better person for myself. I did not say righteous, good, and perfect, without sin, non-submissive or any other religious conditions and or expectations. When I stop judging myself by these terms I stop judging others. I begin building a bridge. If you feel differently then that is perfectly fine too. There is one statement I have found to be among all religions, creeds, etc: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” All of them have this!

Can I do this? Can you do this? We’re all alike regarding this challenge. From the people I have met who have survived terrific pain, this is what they seek. They seek to share their experience with those who would accept it.

There are only four emotions in the world! Mad, sad, glad, and scared; you may have hundreds of words to describe the level of madness or sadness that you feel. Hundreds of words could describe your joy, utter delight, and horrific devastation… but there are still only four emotions. Do you ever seek to understand something you’re going through? Of course you do. You are human, and in that respect, we’re all alike.

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