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Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm just a copy, Right?

I used to envy the cartoon world; their ability to make an icon that people could love. My number one choices were: “Marvin the Martian”, “Tweedy Bird”, and “Bugs Bunny”. All three exhibited quick wit and a cut to the chase mindset… or playful mayhem! Writing in cyber land has been a great deal like being in a cartoon. Everyone has the choice to use a photograph or an icon to represent “self”. You are “seen” as your choice.

I went to guest write on a blog that I did not own. I had no experience of what this meant, I was simply grateful to be asked to join a “writers’ group.” I planned on learning a lot. On this blog I had no icon; I am known by my real name. It wasn’t scary because I thought I was invisibly practicing writing. I had no idea that I could be viewed by anyone. Only when a comment came through one day, did I realize I was being seen! The comment was not from my blog host. I was terrified, but my terror was dismissed.

I have often read another’s post and thought: “my goodness, I’ve experienced that emotion.” But then I didn’t leave a comment to show empathy. So it was that the terror I felt stayed with me. I could not let it go. I could not get out of self to help another ‘let go’.

Needing my questions answered, I sought help, in what I thought was defeat, and went to see my doctor to talk about fears, expectations and acceptances. I thought I’d left the fears behind in the real world. How did they translate into the cyber land world?

The first thing he wanted to know was: “What icons did you choose to represent you?” This was interesting; maybe I’ll write the answers some time. He nailed me; I’m just a copy, Right!


  1. Greetings dcrelief. Flippin computers, I just submitted a comment and vanished.
    Right then, try again. dcrelief, as you know, I really struggle to keep up with your blogs. My apologies for not commenting on all the blogs below this one. They are all wonderful.
    How weird is this? I recently did a blog with 'Tweety Bird' being part of the subject matter. The blog was about my twee wrting style.
    Enough about me, back to you. I think it must be most cleansing for you to be able to relate to the emotional experiences of others. Long may you continue this interaction.
    dcrelief, you are a wonderful talent. You have inspired me to continue in my own voyage of self discovery. Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts with us. Help each other, we help ourselves. I send you positive thoughts from England. Total respect klahanie.

  2. Klahanie,
    You are totally forgiven for not reading it all; my insanity might truly mess you up!
    I read your "Twee" post 2wks ago, and I admit I had quite a chuckle.
    I admire Tweedy; he sits on a little swing all calm and serene, watching everybody else around him go nuts. He's a lot like you, hoping to help some, but knowing that 'some sow and some reap".
    Thank you for your kindness and always complimentary comments. In empathy or sympathy. dcrelief

  3. Hi dcrelief,
    Your 'insanity' will not mess me up. I do a pretty darn good job of doing that by myself.
    I mean really, let's look at the's almost 1:00 A.M. here in 'jolly old' England and I should be checking my eyelids for cracks. Instead I've been formulating a new blog. Have done one sentence and decided that I should continue my nonsense blog later today.
    Anyway as folks have a tendency to say in your country: 'have a nice day' which the ironic Canadian replies: "don't tell me what kind of day to have"...
    There you go..I don't need any help when it comes to insanity. Take good care and keep smiling...


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