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Monday, October 13, 2008

A Prisoner in Time

You captured me
because I let you
hear that,
I let you
capture me
now I'm going
and you
will not cry
why because
I was a good prisoner
a prisoner in time
why you spoke less
no sweetness
music stopped
no song
just carried on
in the new time
a low time
and I can go
I can let you go
my prison time
and you said
I was a good word
you captured me
because I let you
hear me,
I let you
capture me


  1. My goodness dcrelief, your poetic prowess continues to amaze.
    Please continue to share with us your inspirational poems and blogs.
    Peace and contentment to you.
    Positive wishes klahanie.

  2. You give me a lot of credit. ~dc


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