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Friday, October 17, 2008

Could I?

Could I be a shining light for someone in their darkest night?

Could I help a soul find rest by doing what I do the best?

Could I tell of hopeful things and watch for peace and what it brings?

I don’t know but I can try
Write my thoughts, I’ll let them fly
Maybe one will see in view:
A better life… a better you.

Could I write some things that help, that don’t rehash a nasty whelp?

Could I write my feelings out and let you learn without a doubt

That life goes on and we go too, with hearts together staying true?

Could I?

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  1. Dear D, Yes you can and have already done these things. Do not let anyone say you haven't. I continue to learn from you and admire your courage to talk about your doubts. YF, AA


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