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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fire and Water

I searched for an example of “fire and water” and this photo hit the spot. Purple is one of those colors found to be annoying or is soothing. Yellow is the very complimentary color of purple, being opposite purple, on the art color wheel. There are several tones of yellow which help balance the presentation of the photo. Finally we have the huge display of lightning which picks up more yellow at the water’s edge. Then suddenly we have this almost white space of lightning, where the electrical discharge from the ground, is climbing into the sky.

Look carefully at the lightning’s center. Layer upon layer of color builds toward to you:

· wonderful sapphire at the water and horizon edge reflecting the glow of the lightning against itself
· yellow and green from the dock’s lights cast shadows into the lightning
· Finally the whipping motion of the lightning delivers pale lavender, pink, pink-white, then yellow-white.

The water appears rather calm and maybe that’s the reason why the sky appears on fire. The water has used many other colors to aid in its covert action. It’s a minimum to observe the water’s movement in the channel. The lightning appears to be the focus. The fact that it’s raining over some spots is missed as well by the casual observer. Additionally the lightning is from behind the western landmass, but appears to be biblical in presentation; lightning is discharged from the ground. A small boat, red light shining, hurriedly streams across the channel.

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