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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Rock Cairn Story: Fiction

I do not have any current stories on people using a rock cairn to guide them, so I have created one from my mind. Enjoy!

In 147 A.D. a small group of nomadic people moved across a great plane of harsh landscape. There were no trees; no grass; only dust and a dusty trail could be seen from my mountain top. I waited to welcome them. Toward the sunset they came and immediately rested at the small but deep well.

I was a scribe, a keeper of words, for my own people. I was amazed that they looked so much like my own people. Later by my small fire I would write, “How many people did God make?” Answer: He only made two complete people. So these people must be part of those same two people. I remained by the fire with some guards while these welcomed people were still climbing the rocks to safety for the night.

High in the sky was a full moon, and in the light I could see the cairn: strong, showing the way to our mountain pass. But it was tricky; you could not face it and find the pass. As scribe it is forbidden for me to share more, as those coming here must be hidden and protected. It is our duty and kindness to the maker of people.

The morning would come soon enough and I would like conversing with the leader of the people. His white robe has threads of blue and gold; is he a royal line? He commands his guard to remain off of the sacred mountain. They listen and enclose it as if a cherub has covered us all. It is said of old times that this mountain belongs to the maker of men. My royal guest says that all mountains and all lands belong to the maker as well; man has chosen to forget and that is folly. The maker will reclaim the earth and the meek shall inherit!

Just as the angels suffered the flood, the man shall have his suffering; then the maker will have His family of children to go forth. They will be His for all time; showing forth His creation, His G-d filled creation. The rock cairn will show the way. The end. guest

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