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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The past that shaped today

I'm reading a book that is classified "fiction," but often that's not the case. This is my second reading of it; once in 1993. The contents are clearer and more true that then.

I found it dead on for the amount of adrenaline, restlessness, and anxiety I've had... for the last five years. It increases exponentially when I'm upset or worried. I don't know how to explain it.

At the same time I can become calm, like a sea foam skirting my skin as I lay somewhere on a beach. My mind becomes soothed by sunsets and sunrises; something about the pinks, yellows, and golds. There was one picture with a blue sky and strong white flash that sat me down for a long rest one afternoon. And all of these things are in this book. Not the same photos and paintings, but the evoking of the same moods.

Coincidences follow me like a bird in flight, encircling my life and I think to shrug them off. Only later do the strange coincidences occur... actually occur in my real life!

Right now I'm in a chapter that says I have to look at the thoughts and feelings of the millenium before our modern one. Looking to the past will help me know the general thinking of that generation... as they shaped the going forth of this one. It's a fascinating read. Be looking fo part two.


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