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Monday, June 23, 2008

An Oregon Sunset

Sometimes the sight of a place carries me to it, dragging me like a mouse across my computer pad! Graciously dropping me into the wet sand where I long to walk.

I can feel wetness of the sand between my toes; not too much as the sand becomes impacted, but dried in spots where the tide pulls away from the rocky shore.

Closer now I feel the mist and then wisps of the stronger water, against my face and body, washing in; a baptism in pure salt water!

My eyes are amazed at the combination of golds, oranges, blues, chocolates, and a subtle shadow of black on the inside of larger rock formations. And the sand in it's blandness mirrors the beauty of it all.

What a glorious surprise ending: the sun peeks through to say goodnight. He is yellow, a color for perfect breathing, orange for humanity, and only the sun knows how long he's been peeking through this formation. I cannot imagine it without him.

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