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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today it's easier for me to give. Why? Because I've needed so much over the last twelve years and people have "been there" for me.

There was a time when the only thing that helped me was a trip to the coast; something about the sea and salt improved my life. But my husband did not love the coast but said he'd go for the golf at the Outer Banks. So OBX it was!

I like the sand and sitting out: hot, warm, cold days... whatever. I want the breeze to surround me, the salt spray to splash me and sand like silk between my toes!

So he got the golf cart, I got the blanket, and somewhere mid-afternoon we'd connect.

He's the most giving person I know; has stood by through some horrendous stuff, and sometimes I can't remember our marriage ten years ago. I get a bit lost and though it's not Alzheimer's it scares me just the same.

So if you read something and it sounds really strange... don't worry.. I am strange. It's perfectly normal. LOL

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