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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The "Graceful" Gift

Silly nieces that give me the strangest but deserving gifts... like this one. Each niece picked a color for the bouquet and it really looked nice. On the card, I laughed as I read: "To Aunt D with love: the graceful gift."
Now you might think this is about my graceful poems, my graceful art, whatever, but these five sent a message of sheer delight, mimicking my graceful walk. So funny and out of the mouths of babes!
Fibromyalgia is an issue for me and has caused me to walk into walls, door jams, even closed doors; there's no discrimination!So it was a family gathering where the girls hanging out in the kitchen, when I walked into a BEAM in the great room. Standing alone, everyone could SEE IT... even I could see it. But I could not walk past it without walking into it. The story of my life: why miss it when you can muff it?
Later I wanted to photograph it but no one wanted me to stand in the chair to hold the camera, hmm, wonder why?

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