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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Just for fun or (Saint Paddy's little secret)

It happened to Saint Paddy
Who drove a rusted caddy.
His sister was a cook.
His brother wrote a book.

The book would tell the town
Where Saint Paddy's luck was found.
While his sister fixed a meal
The brother cut a deal.

He would tell the secret story
Of Paddy's one time glory.
A day the sister baked a fish
And how Paddy got his wish.

Paddy wished for lots of luck 
And to own a bright green truck.
While sister cleaned the house
She spied her gambling spouse.

She ran him out the door
Where Saint Paddy chased a boar
The boar charged the hubby
But oh! the tale gets muddy.

The spouse lay there dying
Still he kept right on a-lying
He said he found some pottery
But he'd really won the lottery.

On the last breath he'd relent           
Which left Saint Paddy spent
He cried and looked around
But a fish was all he found.

The fish housed a slip of paper
Brother laughed at his coming caper.
The story would be spread
Now that sister's hubby's dead.

Since the lotto ticket found
In this fish, not weighed a pound
The officials could take the fish
And Saint Paddy lose his wish.

The sister prepped the fish to cook.
Sneaky brother revealed his book.
Paddy alarmed at what be told
Bribed the brother with some gold.

Sister came in from the farm
Saw a rainbow ~ lucky charm?
Brother winked at Paddy's luck
As he drove off in his truck.

The town would love the read
Of the luck and Paddy's lead,
To look for pots of treasure
In a place of merry measure.

Ah, keep looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, ya' hear!


  1. I'd settle for a winning 50 million Lotto Max ticket (one of the lotteries we have here in Canada).

    1. I hear that. Three people last month, here, split a 450 million pot!

  2. The rich can buy a ticket
    Everybody else can go and stick it
    Some find one in a dish
    Choking on a fish

    1. Hiya Blue! Might be more fun to choke on a peach :)
      Love, loved your poem yesterday!

  3. I loved this, my favourite singer is Irish, Daniel O Donnell..
    Take care Dixie.

    1. Hi Yvonne - I know some of his music! Hope this made you smile.
      Happy Mother's Day, again!!

  4. Wouldn't it be grand to win the lottery?! DH went in with the guys at work last month when the pot was more than $400million. It was fun to daydream about all the what ifs. I want to give it another try. It sure would be a huge help to us, but I think of all the good we can do for our families and friends. :D Cute, cute poem! May the luck of the Irish be with you, my friend! ;)

    1. Cathy - yes, yes, yes, and may the luck of the Irish be with you!!! (smile)

  5. I do love them Irish people, they're almost identical in suffering and mentality and music and drinking with my people

    1. Dezmond - darling - dear - say it's not so! Do you also like green trucks?

  6. Such a cute St. Patty's Day poem. Thanks!

    1. Ah! Linda Kay... you're so kind. I can't wait to see what you do this week!!

  7. So if one bites my hook
    I should give inside it a look?
    If my hand gets full of spit
    Or some other*t
    I'll be sure and know
    To splat it on your toe
    Unless you wear a shoe
    Either way I'm with Blue
    This rich can surely stick it
    Where's my winning ticket?

    1. Should I find your ticket
      I'll visit your page and click it
      Surely Blue will dig
      The money from the fig!


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