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Saturday, March 14, 2015

As We Are ~

We are strong.
We are beauty.
We glide through the sky,
touching the clouds,
tasting the rain, 
that waits to fall.

We tease the sky.
We sculpt ourselves.
We choose the colors,
of dazzling hues,
from all seasons,
and are born on the wind.

We are glowing.
We are dreaming.
Our tendons sing, 
of a universal design,
a most grand design, 
mythical and elusive.

Loved ~ as we are.


  1. Racing through life as one's self, best way to be at any sea

  2. I wonder which shampoo those two beauties use :)

  3. The beautiful picture makes that poem twice as good (and it's already great!)
    Listening to Willie Nelson: 'Funny How Time Slips Away'.
    CLICK HERE for Bazza’s fabulous Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

    1. Thanks, Bazza! I've seen Willie twice in concert - 1980's and 1994. Have you ever heard his version of "Moonlight in Vermont"? Lovely piece!
      I hope you're having a lovely weekend. (smile)

  4. A wonderful picture and a poem words to comliament it, Well done Dixie, great post.

    1. Thanks, Yvonne. I have to have those photos or I feel a bit lost!!!

      Oh, I hope you found out about the kitty cats! I'm curious, (smile).

  5. Replies
    1. Debra - your kindness touches my heart, thank you. (smile).


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