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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wrapping up the week - in 8 seconds!

Hang in there Teddy! We could very well win the 'Oscar of Colds' competition. Indeed! Should the International Press call we'll be here,  all wrapped up! No airport visit again, due to the ongoing cold... the sniffling kind. Going to the airport could be disastrous. Imagine a sneeze while being all wrapped up.

Last night Teddy and I stood out in the driveway watching two huge birds fly over the house. Yes, we are on one of the four flight paths that cross the city. Though we're some distance from the city's uptown area, we do get great views of the large metal beasts. These two birds particularly stood out as they were military planes - those rather plain, olive green colored ones? Even in the night sky we knew they were not commercial in nature. 

It was a frightening site! The two planes were at the same height, approximately 8 seconds apart! That means one is going to land and get the heck out of the way, so the second one can do the same. (What a night to miss being at the airport's public lookout!) Normally the timing between planes is 14 seconds. We can actually stand in the driveway and count off the time (between the planes) like an exact science... it's always 14 seconds between their landings. I can usually see the headlamps of one plane coming over my big field beside the house, while off in the distance I can see another plane coming into view. Not so with the military. They are always a tight knit group - whether two or eight planes - they are lined up across the sky. But I have never seen them so closely timed as last night... 8 seconds! By the way at my house they're less than 1000 feet over my head. 

Teddy and I are all wrapped up with no place to go. Might as well listen to some tunes. 

Olly Murs - All Wrapped Up

Frank Sinatra -Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams

Brad Paisley - Wrapped Around

Teddy's extra credit!
Garth Brooks on the Ellen Show!

See you on Friday for Celebrate the Small Things!!


  1. That is pretty close. We used to live near the Bogue Airfield in North Carolina and their ceiling was supposed to be 600 feet but quite often when they came over it was much lower. We used to joke that we would hold up a beer for the pilot and the next pass he took it. We had a friend who was the flight controller (or something) at that base and he was sitting on our back deck one time and ended up calling the base to instruct them to fly higher. Do get rid of the cold Dixie. Sounds like you are having a lousy week.

    1. Oh Jo - this has really knocked me down. Of course, standing in the driveway in the cold night air wasn't too brilliant. I say under 1000 feet but sometimes I think I could do like you and hold up a beer and the pilot could grab it on a go 'round!
      Thank you for visiting me - glad I'm not contagious.

  2. Love Olly Murs, he has a new album out :)

    Military planes give me creeps ever since we were bombed by the American ones for four months day and night back in the 1999!

    1. Dezmond - love me some Olly!!

      Oh no - did we - I say 'we' but they never call to ask what I would do in a given situation. I'm so sorry. They give me the creeps too. Four months - day and night? That's crazy... and I seem to remember the crazy president! I'm glad you survived.

      Thank you for visiting and for friendship!

    2. Yep, but they preferred to attack at night not letting the kids sleep. It was really horrible, especially when they started bombing buildings, schools, bridges, killing even babies and kids. Who would had thought that a modern 20th century country would live under bombs after all the world wars again... The sound of air-raid sirens still freaks me up

    3. Gosh Dez - that's a nightmare! I looked up some of the history after your first comment - it's about as clear as mud. I go lost in who were the good guys and who were the bad? Everybody wanted a piece of the pie -
      Nothing has changed it seems.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes sir - I was thrilled! Good to hear from you - I wondered if you were on vacation? I miss orks and stuff.
      Thanks Fran!!

  4. I won't get to near to the screen as I've also got a cold - wouldn't want you to get a double dose.

    My mum and dad used to live in a high flat near Heathrow, London airport and they would stand on their balcony to watch the planes and count the seconds between each one. Often the planes would stack up in a big circle in the sky.

    I wish I could stand by them one more time and watch the planes with them.

    1. Hi Mike. It's not like we don't already have enough bugs in the computer! Thank you for warning me.
      It would thrilling to have a balcony. I'd probably never come down.

      Yes sir - I certainly understand. My parents took us to the airport lookout every Friday night. Just to hear them say my name again would be a thrill.

      Feel better soon, Mike. Could this be a coincidence - us both having colds - and I check your blog every day faithfully? Nahhh.

  5. 8 seconds! you must type 30 million words per minute.

    1. Okay - so maybe 8 seconds isn't your idea of fast?? I may have missed the joke Billy. Not to worry - I'll be over to smell the dog later!!

  6. Hi Dixie, I think I've caught your cold. Doh!
    I didn't know that Olly Murs had become popular in the US. He comes from a place near here in the county of Essex, UK and came to fame in the 2009 season of the UK (original) X-Factor, in which he came second.
    By the way on the Queens official Birthday (she has two!) there is a huge fly-past of military aircraft over central London which passes right over our back garden, also at a very low altitude, so I know what you are saying.
    Listening to: John Prine's 'Hello In There'. Heartbreakingly sad.
    CLICK HERE for Bazza’s fabulous Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

    1. Hi Bazza - sorry about the cold. I couldn't resist checking out your paintings, more than once.
      Gosh, is Olly popular here? I don't know. I enjoy his music. I remember watching the 2009 X-Factor season too.
      I saw a clip of the flyby you're speaking of and I would have freaked out! At least grab the cotton balls for the ears.
      Bazza - you've mentioned John Prine before. He's one of a kind. Some of his music appeals to me and some doesn't. But I'm that way about every artist I suppose. "Hello in there" sounds familiar - I'll go have a listen later.
      Thank you for visiting - lovely chat!!

  7. i loved that song when i was seventeen.

    1. Do you mean the song on here now or Sinatra's version of the song, "When I was Seventeen - it was a very good year.."
      Either way - glad you stopped back by to give a listen!!


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