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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Some days are like a dream

You may ask, "what do I mean?" Go ahead, ask.

In a world where there are so many places to go... I am at home most all the time. Health, wealth, and a community that's loads of fun, keep me busy. Busy with what? Busy with trying to communicate to people... just want to reach out and be reached back to. That seems normal. Oh dear, there's the 'n' word. Really, can we know what normal is?

Some people normally dream - every night - in full color! Me? I dream occasionally, and in color, but remembering is not always a given. Oh the scary ones usually hang out and dwell within the recesses of my mind. My personal cure for the baddies is a couple of peanut butter crackers and back to bed. Pronto. Well, unless I simply have to take a look at Facebook, to see if any news is important. Wait, wait, yes!! Someone has posted something really interesting. Might I add a comment? Oh sure, then off to bed.

Normally two hours will pass and that all important news gets filed away in my large cranium. Well, medium-sized will do, right? How could I possibly pass up a few joke postings? After all, the scary dream might still be waiting in the bed for my return.

I suspect Facebook is not really normal; probably not meant for normal people. And ~ probably pure insanity on so many levels. I don't recall there ever being anything like this sight. Wait! Maybe a huge block party where everyone wears their favorite slogan-displaying t-shirt... but that would be the closest. I remember the good old block parties.

I am now staring out my studio window. The green trees of summer have not changed. They stand tall against a pale blue sky. Golden rays of our sun break through allover. One lone tree with a patch of orange leaves captures my attention. Maybe I'll just sit here and dream. Dream of someone gently calling me: "Hey, what the heck is wrong with you? Wake up!"

Like I said, some days are LIKE dreams, but maybe not.

Thanks for reading. DC


  1. perhaps what we perceive as our life is the dream, and our real life is the glimpses we see when we think we are sleeping! OH! I have given myself a headache! ha ha ha

  2. Damn fine cherry pie.... (You either get that reference or you don't!)

  3. mohave rat... you get headaches too? Oh why is pondering such pain? (sigh)

  4. Bazza, maybe this little article "peaked" your interest, lol.
    Damn fine cup of coffee(black as always).

    Here's the recipe:


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