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Thursday, May 2, 2013


I would love to return to a place of innocence.
Did I grow out of it, or did older people influence my change?

And why would they rush me to grow up?
What could possibly be greater than beauty and wonder?

Curiosity painted the flowers - each one a carefree color.
Tiny petals tempted the brush: "paint me red, no paint me yellow."

Little eyes gaze upon small bugs wanting to paint them too.
Look at all the feet that could use little shoes.

Adults tell me I cannot go back; are they wrong?
I love a retreat for a heart that loves nature's creatures.

Grab your paintbox and your brushes.
I go to a place of innocence ~ and you?


  1. Hi Dixie:

    At one point I thought you were going to leave blogging. But I am glad you are still at it. Thanks for your visit.

    This is a very innocent and a beautiful picture, a world that only a little girl could imagine. I would love to put myself in her shoes, in a world where anything is possible.


  2. Hi Paul.

    I'm glad you visited and found this post pleasing. Children are our greatest gifts.

    The Kingdom is where we'll find all. Can't wait to meet you some day!

    Philippians 4:8 has been speaking loudly to me of late. Jesus loves me! And you too.

  3. Yes, I have grabbed my paintbrushes and am playing with them. I don't have much artistic talent, but I do fit Ursula Le Guin's description: "The creative adult is the child who has survived."

  4. Oh i do believe we each have a grain of innocence's up to us if we choose to acknowledge its presence or not :).

  5. Hey Dixie,

    You know we both understand about the curiosity, the inquisitive nature that is always within us.

    It's not about going back, it's about recapturing the beauty of your inner child. This you do and shall continue to do.

    You rejoice in the beauty all around. Nobody can ever take that away from you.

    A peaceful weekend to you.

    Gary :) x

  6. Aw CheerfulMonk, Ursula Le Guin! You're so right. It's not the talent of the hands but the joy of the heart!! Keep painting.

  7. unikorna... if words can express what we feel, then truly your comment adds to my heart's healing!

  8. Aw, Gary, you sure do make it sound easy... but for me there's always a second guessing game to get past first! YOU would know, my friend.

    Hope your weekend had happy moments.

  9. I am loving this post!
    I spent some time coloring with my youngest granddaughter Saturday...At 3 years old she sure has her own idea about what looks pretty! She proudly hung her creations on the fridge, and they are truly masterpieces because she did them with such joy as only a child can...or maybe we can return to it again?
    ~Blessings and love~

  10. Never Forsaken - welcome Lisa!

    3 year olds are the best artists in the world. When my niece was that age it was great fun painting with HER. I once thought to correct a tiny spot left without paint, but she explained, "it's perfect," and left the spot white.

    She's 18 now and graduates soon. I still have the painting and every time I look at it, I realize she was right! The "white spot" draws the eye to the butterfly.(smile)

    Bless you for visiting!

  11. I've just come back from a holiday with my son and grandchildren: Samuel 2 yrs 9 mnths and Lucy 3 months.

    It was wonderful living my days through Samuel's eyes - the things we've done and discovered: we've been fire-fighters putting out imaginary fires; painters making colourful art: discoverers of stones and pebbles and so much more.

    At the end of the break, when we said goodbye, I felt empty inside and wanted so much to return to his world.

  12. Lovely photo and words Dixie. We should never forget the child we used to be, I try to indulge my inner child at least once a day.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog as well, I'm glad you like it :)

  13. 67 Not out: Hey Mike.
    I know how you feel... those little ones wrapped me from day one! I became "silly putty".

    You take those weekend memories and make him a little book to share with him the next visit. Don't worry if you leave some little event out; he'll remind you!!

  14. Hi Julie! Little Pink Rain Boots:

    I get to your blog and go "gaga" but in a lady-like manner!

    Strangely, what I call a new phase doesn't feel like "inner child", but remembering real things, events, and feelings attached to memories. It's a glorious thing to step back into it. Like Mike (from 67 Not out, said) about returning to his grandson's world.

    Maybe I'm feeling older today??!!


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