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Sunday, April 28, 2013

spring rite - right?

Nothing says Spring like a pot of pigs in chocolate pudding.
Hey nana boo-boo, bring on the pigs.

Nothing says Spring like a barrel of those little wafer bars.
Hey nana boo-boo, bring on the bars.

When I was a child
Chocolate wasn't there
Not like it is today
But only at the fair ~
Hard candy and cotton stuff
May have been nice
But wasn't enough!

Hey nana boo-boo, I'm older.

On a more serious note - it's been raining all day. Ah, what has happened to the sunshine? Now I must trek to the store and find some chocolate morsel to satisfy this crazy craving. Is it the rain that tortures me? Might the torrential downpour prohibit me from my trek? Would I, could I be satisfied with a simple danish(scone like thing)?

Nothing says Spring like: get in the car, find something for real, bring it home in a small poky, sniff for five minutes to whet my appetite... and... and...

Hey nana boo-boo, nothing says Spring like a pot of pigs in chocolate pudding...


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