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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

time is...

A break in the clouds.
A moment to rise above the feelings.
Time is, and the roots I had are dead.

No thing prevents me.
No anchor is there to hold me down.
Time just is, and the roots I had are dead.

Moonlight to carry.
My thoughts I release, as I arise.
Time is, and just like me, shall go on.


  1. Dear human Dixie,

    A most thoughtful posting. And through the break in the clouds, you travel above the horizon and know all will be well.

    And when you are drowning in a sea of despair, some would throw you an anchor, I would throw you a life jacket.

    In peace and pawsitivity, your way,

    Penny :) x

  2. I was missing you....
    Lovely thoughts...I especially loved the ideas of the roots being dead...I see it as a good thing, for it means there's nothing keeping you to the ground, so you may start flying :).

  3. You say much in a few words. But can our roots really ever be dead - they partly made us what we are today and what we will be in the future. It's maybe the fresh roots we are now laying that are important.

  4. Hey Dixie!
    Stopping by to return the lovely hello!
    Your poem reminds me of the baby's tears plant we have.
    The first year we had it, the plant grew amazingly!
    There is a picture of this plant from an old gratitude blog I kept...
    Last year, I thought for sure the plant was gone. The roots smelled so badly. My husband and I were both watering it and although the top felt dry ... It was sitting in a pool of water.
    It started to die... The roots were rotting.
    Then, I thought, this plant needs a complete renewal... It is its only chance!
    I took all the dirt off of the straggly, fragile plant. Rinsed the roots and gave it an awesome new beginning in a pot with triple layers of drainage.
    It has had a rebirth and is growing so well now!
    Sometimes, we really need a renewal too!

    Wishing you joy anew this Easter season.
    God bless you and be with you always,
    ~ Maria

  5. Dear Penny, thank you for the life jacket; it certainly makes more sense to receive that!

  6. unikorna/ Dear Petronela,

    So glad you enjoyed this. The post conveys a "fly free" gift after so many times making the same mistakes; even when in thoughts only. Those "particular" roots needed to die, so that I might live more abundantly.

    Thank you for missing me!
    Love, Dixie

  7. 67 Not Out/ Dear Mike,

    Roots need proper nutrients to proliferate. No food, no life. So if I'm experiencing no life, it's time to move to a place or space for new growth.

    You make a good point, Mike. Thank you.

  8. Calm Energy/ Hi Maria!

    I like the idea of rinsing the roots for renewal; a baptism of sorts.

    Mine were roots that had to go, lest they keep me attached to things that are joyless.

    Good to hear from you. Many blessings your way. ~Dixie

  9. Hi Lorraine.

    Thanks so much for visiting, and I'm glad you liked the poem.

    I took a look at your site... and wish you much success!


  10. Hi there! I find your poem really interesting and great. I love it.


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