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Sunday, March 24, 2013

an impromptu post

Initially I intended to post the "pithy tidbit poster" without any further comment. With so much that appears to be traveling my path with me, maybe I could add some more juice to the dill (deal). Woe to the cheeky pickle that steals my smiles.

In this "newness" without a second income partner, life has changed up. Years past I considered myself to be quite independent. Then along comes this year. I feel anything but independent and my ego is in the way of accepting help. A recent quote awoke me: "Through our own inability to accept personal responsibilities we were actually creating our own problems." Nothing I did was fixing "dc". Nothing I did gave lasting peace.

Is that what a normal life is? Up and down, and some repairs don't work, while others barely hold? Did I need a new glue? A glue to bridge things or simply start again? A friend suggested an inventory of what works in my life and what doesn't work. Along that path I realized some things just need to be let go of... certainly more than I have ever released from inside.

Let me wake up then. Give me coffee so I can bath in it's aroma. Give me roses so I can remember lessons when I touch a thorn. Give me friends that know what the heck I'm posting. I give to you an impromptu post.

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