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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Celebrating 23 years!

I 'loved' alcohol and drugs. I did. I did.  No, I was addicted. But I was considered a 'productive member' of society so who cared if I was bashed half of the time? Bashed and yet looking for the next dose of something. That's is until one Christmas I found myself calling 'round to see what, if anything, my friends had for me to use. That was the beginning of a downward spiral that stopped October 5, 1989.

This year on the fifth I will celebrate 23 years being 'clean and sober'. I earned my chair at the meetings I chose to attend. It is one of the greatest moments for me... more important that my 'navel' birthday! No regrets.

My wish is that everyone has a chance to challenge and change things that hold them back.  The very best to us all.


  1. Congratulations for the 5th of October, that's one very special achievement. Must make you feel very proud.

    I hope your post gives others inspiration and strength.

    Take care, you must be a very special person.

  2. Hi Dixie. That's a very specific date. So, I'm assuming it was a sudden-cut-off, cold-turkey kind of thing? It's a great achievement to be 'clean' for all of this time. Is it still 'one day at a time' or does that situation eventually end?

  3. Congrats Dixie...That is an extraordinary accomplishment...
    I invited you to join the Sisterhood of the world bloggers, it's a blog award. You can pass it on or not...whatever you choose is ok :)...kisses and congrats.

  4. Hi Mike. I'm grateful for your comment and compliments, though I had lots of help.
    Yes it would be really great if someone felt inspired to research the various groups. We all deserve a life that brings us happiness.
    Thanks again, and I hope things are on the mend for you!

  5. Bazza: I had attended some meetings for about two weeks. It simply messed up my using! When it came time to "pick up a white chip" signifying I'd joined to recover... I wrote the date on my chip. I had already bought a Narcotics Anonymous book, so I glued my chip in the front of the book.

    It's always, "one day at a time." That's the irony that I try to explain to newcomers. There are days that it's moment to moment, even with the time I have... maybe more so, as I no longer go to meetings every day. But that's about to change... NA needs sponsors... people with clean time to aid newcomers. I finally think I qualify.

    Thanks Bazza; your visit and input are gratefully appreciated :)

  6. Hi Dixie,
    Alcohol and other drugs can appear to be our best friend. A best friend that becomes our worst enemy.
    Here's to your 23rd anniversary of freedom. That day, nearly 23 years ago, marked the day you were sincere in your determination to reclaim your life. Many blessings to you.
    With love and joy from Penny and Gary x

  7. Petronela, you really have surprised me. I had to go read your post first and then return here. How wonderful and thank you for inviting me. What a joy!
    Congratulations on your win as well!!
    Hugs and kisses, Dixie

  8. Hi Penny and Gary(xx)!
    It was a day of freedom, though I've never put it in that context. Thank you for that.
    Oh, Gary, I think I can be my own worst enemy! The other stuff gave me a false confidence.
    It's very sweet of you and Penny to send blessings, love, and joy. I hope you get a double measure!!
    In kindness and peace, Dixie x

  9. Dear Dixie,
    Just thought I'd add to the congratulations on your 23rd year of being clean and sober. It's a great achievement, Dixie, and I'm sure you'd make a great sponsor for NA. After 23 years, I too think you must finally qualify!
    Very Best Wishes,

  10. Dear David,
    My issue was trying to be "hungry for recovery" for my sponsees; that never works. As you may know you can bring a horse to the water, but you cannot force it to drink! I had to learn to keep expectations low and acceptance levels high.
    Thank you very much for your congratulations.
    In kindness, Dixie

  11. Congrats on being sober for 23 years. That is a really positive achievement.

  12. Hi LOS, if I may call you that?
    Thank you very much for visiting and leaving your congratulations.
    P.S. I really enjoy your blog!


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