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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jaye Nolan... Britain's Got Talent # 3

Hello. Today's post is something I don't normally do. My usual blah contains the essence of me, me, and more me. And I suppose maybe I am doing a bit of the same thing... because I like this lady's spirit and work. Jaye has allowed me to post her recent interview. Give a listen if you will. For those of you who live in Great Britain there are lots of opportunities headed your way... with Jaye!


  1. Your friend Jaye is a smart lady and has a very interesting blog, kisses and have a great week :).

  2. unikorna, thank you for the visit. I hope your week is great too :)

    I find your blog very interesting, as well. Some of the most diverse writers are added to my reading list. So glad I visited you via 'klahanie'.

    That you for the compliment for Jaye.

  3. Hey Dixie,
    Ah yes, Jaye aka "Scatty Jan". Have been interacting with her since the days of her blog, "The Daily Scatter".
    She is a well cool human and Rochester is better for her. Rochester, England, not the one in New York State :)
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny xx

  4. Hi Penny (The Jack Russell dog and Modest Internet Star!)

    How well I remember seeing Jaye's blogs on your site. Some very interesting and humorous stuff over her way. Sometimes I was at a loss, because I don't actually speak English; I speak American slang. (Yes, I admit it).

    Take care of your little self.
    Dixie xx

  5. You know when you forget to do something and then suddenly you remember? Like thanking you for this and all your comments; you're all very kind, thank you xx


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