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Monday, September 10, 2012

What month is this?

September is for grooming
all the witches come to strut  ~
and the loathesome ogres grunt
when the wolves begin to hunt
and their teeth show wicked white
as they pant for blood at night.

September is for dwelling
in sacred shadows, dark  ~
the cackling of the witches
doth hold the ogres in stiches
when wolves begin to scream
the moon reveals their dream.

September is for resting
for the hallowed night is near  ~
thou witch of silvery voice
with ogres and wolves, of course
shall call the skulls to rise
to be the night time's eyes.

Coming to a theatre nearby  ~


  1. Flippin' heck, Dixie. You have described just about any month in my town.
    What bewitching poetry this chap has cast his eyes upon.
    With that, I note the foxes are screaming in my garden. Not exactly wolves but noisy just the same.
    Have fun at the theatre.
    Your starstruck fan, Gary :)

  2. Flippin' heck, Gary. I'm not sure what came over me. Maybe I needed a good cackle or two?

    Oh, do foxes have white teeth, and bay at the moon? Wait! Don't go out there, Gary. If you suspect you're bewitched... read the poem backwards. :P

    Thanks for visiting!!

  3. Have you got the theatre dates? :) It sounds a good month, no matter what.

  4. Sure thing, Mike. October 21-31!

  5. Damn, it's Halloween, already. I didn't even buy sugar-free candy for myself. Kids don't knock at our door anymore, for candy or tricks, since they've seen my charming smile of complete and utter evil.

    I love the poetry, btw. I'll have nightmares now.

  6. No Kelly! Halloween is still a ways off. The gals and ghouls are getting ready.

    I use a product called "Stevia" for sweetening things. It's made from the Stevia plant leaves. Ten times sweeter than sugar but no calories or fat. Great for chocolate chip cookies or iced coffee!!

    This will be the first neighborhood I've lived in a while that actually has kids.

    I want to put some dry ice in a black cauldron, then add the candy, hahahhaha. Yes and place two scarecrows, on poles, in the ground. I can then stand in the middle of them and as the kids get closer I'll wave... Happy Halloween! What do you think you old charm-smiling, utterly evil man????

    Record the nightmares. You could the next Stephen King :/


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