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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Paralympics Closing Ceremony

All reviews I read have praised the Paralympics. My heart really wanted to be able to watch them up close and personal. Hopefully the next one will be given the same focus and attention as the regular Olympics. But it's NBC for USA... time will tell.

Please share if you were able to go to any event. Or did you get to watch it all? Share, share, and share!


  1. Hi Dixie,
    We got full TV coverage of the Paralympics on Channel 4 over here, so I obviously got more chance to see it. My favourite athlete was Ellie Simmonds, who won three medals in all, two gold and one silver, in swimming events. Indeed, Ellie emerged as something of a "poster girl" for the Games, and it was just amazing to see her beat competitors who seemed much physically bigger than her. Having said that, all the competitors proved that having a disability does not necessarily mean having an inactive life.
    I have to say, though, that I felt it a shame that some politicians (most notably our PM David Cameron) took it upon themselves to use the Games as an example of their philosophy about disability, a philosophy "based on what you can do, rather than what you can't". This sounds quite good in itself, but when one realises that it is also the philosophy which underpins their extremely harsh disability assessements, run by the private company, Atos, one gets the creeping feeling of the hypocrisy of it all. There were protests against Atos held by some people at the Games, but this got scant media coverage here, so I doubt it made it to the air waves in the States.
    Very Best Wishes, and I hope you enjoyed what you were able to see,

  2. As David has said above there was full coverage in the UK and also in the newspapers - on a par with the Olympics. I was disappointed that the US didn't fully embrace the games - and win more medals - not that the medals was the important bit.

    It was a great event.

  3. Hi Dixie. I saw quite a few events. I took my daughter's twin boys age 9 on Saturday and they loved it. There was always somewhere new to look. (And something nice to eat!)
    I hope their generation can eliminate the stigma of disability and carry on with the tremendous change of minds that these Paralympics have brought about. Today there was a massive parade of athletes through central London ending at Buckingham Palace. I saw the Red Arrows formation jets passing overhead at 3.30pm as part of a huge celebratory fly-past. The whole country is still buzzing with excitement!

  4. Thank you, David, for that wonderful comment. Sounds like you really enjoyed the events. Yes, Ellie is one of favourites too! Amazing talent and determination.

    If channel four had been available here, I could have watched it all. NBC chose to focus on USA only... what a drag... so day-old videos reflected their editing.

    Your PM Cameron was busy behind the scenes, according to the following link:

    Still I have hope that a few more steps in the right direction will yield success; keep the faith, David.

    Thank you so very, very much for sharing your experience here!

  5. Hi Mike. Aw, I'm so envious of the opportunity you had!

    It's so heartless on the USA medias' part. I wonder if our own athletes were affected by the blatant lack of interest in their lives? I surely hope not.

    Tragically the only thing embraced lately are the unwanted candidates for the highest office in the land. :/

    Thank you, Mike.

  6. Oh dear bazza! I tried that link you gave me but it said, "No service available in your area." Torture; can you imagine how lost Alistair and I felt? We live for this stuff... and good food too? Darn!

    You are such a great family man! And brave too. Twin nine year olds... that's the spirit!!

    I would loved to have been at Buckingham Palace. Glory, I'd probably have balled my eyes out with joy! Even now I feel a bit teary eyed.

    What a wonderful accomplishment... and life after engaging twins says something too. Thank you very much!!!

  7. Hi Dixie,
    Actually, the coverage of the Paralympics on Channel 4 in Britain could of been a lot better.
    They would cut away for ads at the most infuriating of times. Then again, compared to the disgraceful coverage on NBC, we had a wondrous treat.
    And I echo David's sentiments on David Cameron. Their awful government is actually preying on those with disability benefits.
    The main thing is that abilities and not the disabilities were celebrated. If fact, they are going to be having a yearly event at the Olympic venue that will be a platform for those amazing athletes who have such determination, despite it all.
    Thanks, Dixie.

  8. We watched a lot at work especially certain events.....

  9. Thanks, Gary. I'm so interested in everyone's view; glad you shared.

    Ads make me mad. For that matter so did NBC, which I nominate to stand for: "No-Body-Cares".

    Yes I read David's recent post. Also I saw an article about "Remploy" that was sad. See link above in my response to David. You'll have to copy and paste; I'm computer illiterate.

    Sounds very promising and exciting about a 'yearly event'. Let me know if you go; I'd love to hear the details.

    Thanks so much!

  10. Angry Lurker... at work? Where Ray left the water running in the sink?

    Ironically, Lurk, I've always thought I hailed from a country obsessed with sports. Where the men bend the old lady over the couch so they can watch the game at the same time. (Oops, I may have you confused with Kelly).

    Thanks for the visit!!


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