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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Halt! Who goes there?

A very quiet day ~ just the day before.

No wind, no rain; just lovely stars above. Crash!
No telephone, no television, no internet for four days. 
With that, no Olympic Closing Ceremony.

Still we had a great time with everyone! 
Hope you enjoyed our silly posts!
Most sincerely,
The "dcrelief Olympic News Crew"


  1. Wow, that looks dangerous! Your Olympic reporting was great and, considering that I am on the Olympic doorstep, very informative!
    The Closing ceremony was a bit disappointing so you didn't miss too much.
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  2. Sometimes I think it's nice to be without telephone, television and the internet - but not when it's enforced! Your photos show the experience.

  3. Hey Dixie and your intrepid reporter, Alistair Cookie,
    That's awful about your ordeal. We did, however, greatly enjoy your running commentary on the Olympics.
    Like bazza noted, I also think the closing ceremonies were rather anti-climatic. Oh well, I guess you can always check in out on the internet, when it works, that is :)
    Take care and keep smiling, Gary

  4. Hi Bazza. It was dangerous, rolled and took out wires. Now it's beginning to slide down the hill because of so much rain here. The tree man will be here this coming weekend.

    What a lovely comment. We did have fun. Glad we could serve you!!

  5. I agree, Mike. I do enjoy other parts of my living experience as well.

    The hard part was thinking to close out the Olympic fun series. What could I write? Hmm, new sport: tree felling! LOL.

    Thanks Mike!

  6. Mr. Cardigan! Nice to know you're back safely.

    I did hear the closing wasn't received well, but over here, there was no reception at all :)

    Everything is 'reasonably normal' and we're glad you enjoyed our silly twist. Thank you.

  7. Hey where did the red car go?

  8. Hi Anonymous.
    It went home and was almost hit by a tree limb there. Life is strange, huh?
    Haha 2.


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